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A BBC Comedy Spookily Predicted BBC Three's Weird New Logo

W1A managed to predict BBC Three’s logo, which looks like II with an exclamation mark, two years ago.

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BBC Three unveiled a new logo today.

No it's not BBCII!, or BBC Two with an exclamation mark after it.

BBC Three added the logo to its Twitter account on Monday. We double-checked that this actually is a new logo and the BBC confirmed to us that it really is. You can see it in a new trailer here.

It gets weirder. W1A, a comedy mockumentary set at the BBC, which has been praised for accurately portraying life inside the broadcaster, managed to predict this logo nearly two years ago.

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It was when branding consultant Siobhan Sharpe's and her agency, Perfect Curve, was asked to come in to suggest a new look for the famous BBC logo, "to make it look more like an app."


So... in the immortal words of Siobhan Sharpe.


BBC Three is set to relaunch as an online-only content brand on the 16th February.

John Morton, the writer of W1A told BuzzFeed UK, "Honestly it's not my fault. I always say you couldn't make it up but it turns out apparently you can after all."


The BBC says that it is aware of the similarities in a new blog post on their website.