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    People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Tom Daley's Insane Frying Pan

    The diver's multi-section frying pan already owns 2016.

    Over the weekend, Olympic diver Tom Daley posted a picture on Instagram of him cooking a Full English breakfast on this amazing frying pan.

    Almost immediately, Tom's multi-section pan became a national sensation.

    considering dropping £70 on Tom Daley's amazing frying pan

    My timeline is mostly talking about Tom Daley's frying pan. If this is 2016, I like it.

    Some of the responses to the appliance were almost sexual.

    I *need* Tom Daley's frying pan in my life

    I can't stop thinking about Tom Daley's frying pan

    It wasn't just the pan that caused a ruckus; people had opinions on the athlete's breakfast itself.

    Proud to stand with Tom Daley and his stance on the position of beans within a fry.

    @TomDaley1994 what's that on the left side of the pan?

    @ennacooper @missellabell @kitlovelace well i mean, if he's doing his beans in a frying pan, he's beyond help really.

    Others were mostly confused and anxious about the whole operation.

    how does this work? do you have to turn on two hobs? I need answers

    Actually haunted by Tom Daley's frying pan. Actual thing of nightmares. It made me v uncomfortable. Bin it Tom, for the good of the world.

    Why are you all losing it over Tom Daley's frying pan when cooking sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, etc at the same temp is objectively bad??

    Regarding that last concern, Daley actually responded with an explanation about the pan's heat distribution.

    @gingio @Joe_363_ it's true but the middle is where the meat goes so the faster cooking comes in handy and it all finishes at the same time!

    Daley's partner, Dustin Lance Black, then shared an image of the cooked breakfast that was made in the pan.

    If you really want the pan, it costs £69.99.