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15 People Who Are Damn Stressed Out Because Of Their Twitter Handles

What's in a name? A lot if you're on the internet, apparently.

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1. @chelsea – Not the Premier League team.

2. @Zee – Not the TV network.

Once and for all. I am not an Indian TV News channel.

3. @CaravanMagazine – Not the Indian one.

@deesha05JOSHI @HeadlinesToday @livemint @scroll_in You want @thecaravanindia ...We're a magazine about actual caravans!

4. @amir – Not one of Bollywood's Khans.

Love it when @aamir_khan says controversial things. Shows me what it's like to be Twitter celeb. My notifications:

5. @srk – Not that other Bollywood Khan.

Who knew I would ever need to tell people that I'm not Shah Rukh Khan? We don't actually look anything alike... ;)

6. @bjp – Not India's ruling political party.

Based on the hundreds of mentions I woke up to this morning, I think I won the election in India. #BJP

7. @namo – Not India's most powerful man.

8. @rvp – Not the football star.

RVP is the account of Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad, a telecom & infotech consultant in India. RVP is NOT the account of Robin van Persie

9. @TheFarahKhan – Not the jewellery designer with a penchant for inappropriate tweeting.

All tweets of complaints bout the "tweet" pls forward to @FarahKhanAli ... We are NOT the same person!! Thank you!

10. @lvg – Not the Manchester United manager.

To all ManU “fans”: I am NOT the coach - No point in sending nasty msgs every time they lose… #ManchesterUnited #MistakenIdentity

11. @imrankhan – Not the Pakistani politician.

The last two days my notifications feed has basically been full of people congratulating me on my marriage

12. @Mr_Mike_Clarke – Not the former World Cup-winning cricketer.

13. @hardik – Not the Gujarati protest leader.

Almost 70-80 mentions to me abt Hardik Patel being a AAP supporter. I am sure all these folks dont know how to use Social media.

14. @johnlewis – Not the American department store.

15. @jonsnowC4 – NOT the beloved fictional character who may or may not be dead.

Winter is NOT coming: I have NEVER been dead: I am a JOURNALIST: I am alarmed that my namesake has me trending!