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    We Transformed One Woman Into 6 Different Disney Princesses

    You better work, girl.

    If you haven't already heard about Madeline Stuart, she's a professional model with Down Syndrome who absolutely slays. So who better to model six different high fashion Disney-inspired looks?

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Makeup by Joshua Masuda

    Hair by Yuichi Ishida

    1. Up first, Madeline models a Rapunzel-inspired look complete with a long braid with woven flowers throughout.

    At last I see the light!

    2. Next up, Madeline takes on this magical Jasmine-inspired look.

    She's definitely ready for a magic carpet ride.

    3. Madeline then took on the persona of ice queen and overall badass, Elsa.

    And it was a gorgeous look we didn't want to "let go."

    4. It was time to ~get down to business~ with Madeline's Mulan-inspired look.

    Her reflection says, "yasssssssss."

    5. Next up, Madeline was literally the Belle of the ball in this Beauty And The Beast look.


    6. And finally, Madeline became a part of Ariel's world in her beachy mermaid look.

    Those red waves, though.

    Slayyyyyyyy, Madeline.

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