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Finn From "The Force Awakens" And Kevin Rudd Are Mates Now?

The Force is strong in K-Rudd.

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Former prime minister Kevin Rudd gave a speech (pretty standard), then sat next to John Boyega, the star of the new Star Wars film (ok), and Boyega thought K-Rudd was just tip tops - "Legendary" even.

Australian Twitter was confused.

Is that... kevin rudd with john boyega?https://t.co/r8XfiVO9P2

It refused to believe it.

Pretty obvious Rudd stole Boyega's phone to tweet that, wonder why Boyega hasn't deleted it yet?

Some people were a bit upset.

I feel like I trust John Boyega a little less now that he thinks Kevin Rudd is a legend

Boyega endorsing K-Rudd is somewhat... depressing

And this guy had some advice.

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