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Finn From "The Force Awakens" And Kevin Rudd Are Mates Now?

The Force is strong in K-Rudd.

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A long time ago (last night) in a galaxy far far away (London), a really strange thing happened.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd gave a speech (pretty standard), then sat next to John Boyega, the star of the new Star Wars film (ok), and Boyega thought K-Rudd was just tip tops - "Legendary" even.

Australian Twitter was confused.

Is that... kevin rudd with john boyega?

It refused to believe it.

Pretty obvious Rudd stole Boyega's phone to tweet that, wonder why Boyega hasn't deleted it yet?

Some people were a bit upset.

I feel like I trust John Boyega a little less now that he thinks Kevin Rudd is a legend

Boyega endorsing K-Rudd is somewhat... depressing

And this guy had some advice.

But they're best friends now and there's nothing we can do about it. I guess you could say that Kevin is Finn's... BB m8.