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This Brave Little Canadian Gecko Survived Four Months Under A Kid's Bed

The lack of spiders should have been a hint.

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This is Reggie, a doe-eyed little guy who is basically the Bear Grylls of geckos.

Carol Edwards

Carol Edwards, a mom in Peterborough, Ontario, got Reggie for her son Clayton four years ago.

All was well until September, when Reggie vanished.

Clayton and his brother would often take their geckos outside for a romp, so Edwards assumed Reggie had been left outside. Even so, they closed off Clayton's bedroom and searched high and low.

"We took the bed apart, looked all underneath," Edwards told BuzzFeed Canada. "No sign of him."

But Reggie wasn't gone, because Reggie is a survivor. Edwards was giving Clayton's room a deep clean when she moved his headboard and spotted a wee, striped tail.

Carol Edwards

"I saw his tail where the headboard was and I called Clayton," said Edwards.

They scooped him up and got him into a terrarium. Despite four months on the lam, Reggie looked healthy and vibrant. And Clayton was ecstatic.

"I figured that he’s probably been eating spiders or houseflies. I haven’t really noticed too many spiders around, which is odd for me in the winter time," said Edwards.

"My kid is a candy chocolate freak so I’m sure that he probably found some candy somewhere, too."

"Between the cat and two dogs, neither one of them found him and he’s just been chilling there."

Carol Edwards

Reggie is recuperating on his own for now, but the Edwards family is hoping to pair him up with one of the other two geckos to see if they can live happily ever after.

[h/t PTBO Canada]