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An All-Girls School In Toronto Featured Two Trans Graduates In Its Alumni Magazine

The school says it wants student to be their "authentic and best selves."

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Both men are featured in separate articles (which you can read here) that detail their transitions and what it was like to attend Branksome while navigating their sexual and gender identities.

Branksome Hall

Both men spoke of how the school's Gay-Straight Alliance club impacted them and the nervous moment's since graduation when people hear they went to a girls' school.

"The stories of these two young men are uplifting and tell of their journeys to expressing who they really are – their authentic selves," a school spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada.

Both are also acting as consultants for Branksome's Transgender Working Group. Started in October, the group is working to develop guidelines for both educating the community on trans issues and meeting the needs of trans students.

Branksome Hall

“An open-minded conversation about inclusive practices has been going on for a long time at Branksome Hall. Transgender considerations are an extension of this discussion," said Deputy Principal Karrie Weinstock, who is also Chair of the Transgender Working Group.

"Branksome is proud of its longstanding support of LGBTQ students as it is important to provide students with safe spaces where they can discuss relevant topics."

The school's Gay-Straight Alliance was started by students in 2004 and now has 30 to 40 members who meet every two weeks.

"We are committed to ensuring that our students have a positive, accepting and supportive learning environment where they can be their authentic and best selves," said Weinstock.

Lauren Strapagiel is Managing Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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