Duke The Disabled Dwarf Bull Who Uses A Wheelchair To Walk Needs A New Home

Duke, who uses a wheelchair to walk, lives at a animal sanctuary in England but his owners are being forced to relocate and are fundraising to find a new home.

1. This is Duke. He is a dwarf bull and he lives at an animal sanctuary in North Yorkshire in the U.K.

Ross Parry / SWNS

2. Duke is disabled following an injury and is unable to walk unassisted.

Ross Parry / SWNS

Due to his smaller size and short legs, Duke wasn’t wanted by the commercial farm where he was born. He was even attacked by the other cows at the property.

3. Eventually, Duke was taken in by Sharon Lawlor at the CALF animal sanctuary in northern England.

Ross Parry / SWNS

Lawlor spent £10,000 nursing Duke back to health.

4. She even had a wheelchair constructed so Duke could walk unaided.

Ross Parry / SWNS

Ross Parry / SWNS


He also has a specially-made shelter with a built-in hoist to help him stand.

5. Duke has bonded with many of the animals at the sanctuary especially the sheep.

Ross Parry / SWNS

Ross Parry / SWNS


6. But now Duke could be made homeless again.

/ Rossparry.co.uk Tom Maddick / Tom Maddick/ Rossparry.co.uk

Lawlor has been told the lease on the property where she keeps Duke will not be renewed and she needs to find a new place for him to live by July.

7. Lawlor and her family have to find a new home for Duke, as well as five more cows, 30 sheep, 12 chickens, five pigs, four goats and three turkeys.

Ross Parry / SWNS

“We’ve had a real rollercoaster year, but the letter about our lease not being renewed was a bolt from the blue just before Christmas,” Lawlor said. “We’ve searched high and low for a suitable, alternative smallholding, but with no joy.”

8. The family are now attempting to fundraise enough money to open a permanent animal sanctuary for Duke and his farmyard friends.

Ross Parry / SWNS

“Ideally, for long-term security we need to buy our own permanent sanctuary, that CALF can call home,” Lawlor said. “We’d like a home we can open up to the public to come and visit and get involved in, have accommodation where people can stay, and the potential to open a café and shop so that the sanctuary can be self-sufficient.”

9. “We’re in a very serious position right now, with very little time. Failure to find a new home would bring unthinkable consequences for the animals in our care, especially Duke with his special needs.”

You can support the online crowdfunding campaign to find Duke a new home here.

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