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This Hot New Beauty Trend Makes People Look Like They're Addicted To Paan

Yet another trend that India was on FIRST.

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A lip trend from South Korea called "lip gradation" is taking the beauty world by storm.


Tutorials are being posted and replicated by the minute.

Beauty giants are even launching products for this express purpose.


It's supposed to look like you just ate a cherry popsicle...


But we think otherwise.

Nariman Films

I mean Umrao Jaan started this centuries ago.

Ramesh Sippy Entertainment

To get this look, step 1: visit your local paan bhandaar to get supplies.

Ask for "extra juicy" paan for maximum effect.
Buzzfeed India

Ask for "extra juicy" paan for maximum effect.

Step 3: Chew it like you mean it.

The CW

DO NOT make the mistake of finishing it too quickly, it will only stain your tongue.

Instagram: @gaurav_nid_sharma


The aim is to increase the juice content in your mouth to such an extent that it comes seeping out.


Quick. Tell your friends. Spread the message.

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