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17 Times People Fell Head-Over-Heels For Musical Theater

Looks like modern Broadway should send the producers of Wicked a thank you card.

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BroadwayCon, the first ever all-Broadway convention, was held for the first time this past weekend in New York City. BuzzFeed took the chance to ask some Broadway fans when they first fell in love with theater.

1. Witnessing the glory of Bernadette Peters at the stage door.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"My first Broadway show – Gypsy, starring Bernadette Peters – and I realized at the stage door you could have a career on the stage."

2. When a performance of "Defying Gravity" left this person breathless.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"Saw my first Broadway show when I was 18. Wicked, with Jackie Burns as Elphaba. Her 'Defying Gravity' left me breathless and that's when I knew I was in love with Broadway."

3. Seeing the magic of The Lion King in person.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"I saw The Lion King in fourth grade and have two memories: 1) Flying bird puppets. 2) Looking out over Times Square and thinking 'I want to be here forever!"

5. Finding solidarity with fellow theater-lovers in the wake of Wicked.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"I saw Wicked for the first time and realized there were other lame theater nerds like me!"

6. Wicked was a big inspiration for many, it seems.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"I fell in love with theater when my dad took me to see Wicked in NYC as a surprise for my 15th birthday."

8. Seeing the future in Mary Poppins.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"I fell in love with theater when I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. I was blown away and knew it was something I wanted to do."

9. Catching a glimpse of wig caps and realizing that real people can make magical things happen on the stage.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"When I sat front row in Wicked and saw their wig caps, I knew they were real and I wanted to perform."

16. Some picked it up an elementary school music class.

Alanna Bennett / BuzzFeed

"I first fell in love with musical theater in the third grade. It was in a music class; we were doing a musical medley which included songs from Oklahoma!, Sound Of Music, King and I, Mamma Mia, and, I think, The Fantasticks."

Hit the comments to tell us when YOU fell in love with musical theater. You can find out more about BroadwayCon here.

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