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20 More Canadian Politicians Who Are Basically Pokémon

New session of Parliament, new Poké-MPs. (Read last session's list here.)

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1. Martin Shields: Piloswine


2. Lisa Raitt: Ninetails

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

3. Wayne Easter: Pidgey

4. Elizabeth May: Bayleef

Chad Hipolito / The Canadian Press

5. Harjit Sajjan: Entei


6. Monique Pauzé: Flaaffy

7. Jason Kenney: Poliwhirl

Chris Wattie / Reuters

8. Tracey Ramsey: Ponyta

9. Arnold Chan: Hitmonchan

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

10. Marilyn Gladu: Goldeen

11. Marco Mendicino: Togepi

Salvatore Sacco / THE CANADIAN PRESS

12. John McCallum: Slowbro

Chris Wattie / Reuters

13. Daniel Blaikie: Magby

14. Cheryl Gallant: Smoochum


15. Randall Garrison: Exeggcute

16. Catherine McKenna: Sunflora

Chris Wattie / Reuters

17. Robert Sopuck: Mr. Mime

18. Murray Rankin: Paras

19. Patricia Hajdu: Chansey

20. Stéphane Dion: Squirtle

Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press

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