19 Shameless Things That Happen When You Become Obsessed With A Band

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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3. Your security persuasion skills are unmatched, and you have the backstage passes to prove it.

Those skills ended up being pretty useful when trying to get into bars and out of parking tickets.

9. You still find random band relics in your room every now and then.


That awkward moment when you have an exam and the only No. 2 pencil you can find says "I <3 ALL TIME LOW."

13. You were a VIP, triple gold star, black belt, all-inclusive member of their fan club.

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Best $49.99 you've ever spent on literally nothing.

14. You scowled at fangirls in line who set off false-alarm screamfests.

Santosh Rajbhandari / Via Demotix

A ~true~ fangirl developed a sixth sense for when the band was really arriving.

18. Now when you find out someone else was also a former fangirl you become instant BFFs.

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If the lead singer didn't end up being your soulmate like you thought, your new BFF is.