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A Bunch Of '90s Supermodels Just Totally Destroyed This New Fashion Campaign

Hello Cindy, Naomi, and Claudia, good to see you again.

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So maybe we live in the Kardashian/Hadid/Jenner era NOW, but not that long ago, there were some pretty fire supermodels that ruled the world. Women like Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford.

Instagram: @balmainparis


Crawford and Schiffer, along with fellow glamazon Naomi Campbell are back in Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign for Balmain shot by Steven Klein.

Instagram: @balmainparis

Here they are just ~totally killing it~.

Oh, did you need some broken doll realness? Here ya go.

Instagram: @balmainparis

Oh, and did we mention boob grabbage?

Instagram: @balmainparis

Welcome back beautiful women. How we've missed you so.

Instagram: @balmainparis