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    A Bunch Of '90s Supermodels Just Totally Destroyed This New Fashion Campaign

    Hello Cindy, Naomi, and Claudia, good to see you again.

    So maybe we live in the Kardashian/Hadid/Jenner era NOW, but not that long ago, there were some pretty fire supermodels that ruled the world. Women like Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford.

    Crawford and Schiffer, along with fellow glamazon Naomi Campbell are back in Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign for Balmain shot by Steven Klein.

    Oh, did you need some broken doll realness? Here ya go.

    Total sassamafrass? MMMMMKAY.

    Fierce eleganza? Yussss.

    Oh, and did we mention boob grabbage?

    So much fantastic boob.

    Welcome back beautiful women. How we've missed you so.