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21 Photos That Will Give All Early '00s Edinburgh Uni Students Intense Flashbacks

"Teviot, with these 75p vodka and cokes you're really spoiling us."

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2. Or, if you were in a shared flat in first year, it probably looked a bit like this.

Aimée Johnson

After all, who needs nice curtains or furniture that isn't made out of grey plastic when you're studying hard?*

*Drinking Smirnoff Ice.

4. Not to mention the postcards that you pillaged from the free racks dotted around campus.

Instagram: @hilbots

Those Friends ones are probably worth at least 50p each now.


6. Till's Bookshop on the Meadows was a wonderful haven.

Instagram: @nlussey

You'd spend hours browsing there, mainly just to keep warm because your draughty student flat was damn cold.

7. Friday nights were about one thing only: Teviot.

Instagram: @swcruicks

"EUSA, with these 75p vodka and cokes you're really spoiling us." There was such an outcry when they went up to £1. Then, even worse, £1.50.

8. And Wednesday nights belonged to The Cavendish.

Instagram: @et0nks

You'd put on your best off the shoulder top (or sleeveless lycra Chinese dragon tee), then dance to the Bloodhound Gang while downing £1 sambucas.


9. You never meant to end up here on a Saturday night, but somehow it always seemed to happen.

Aimée Johnson

Might have had something to do with the drink prices, tbf. It was still a total dive though. And open on Christmas Day, apparently.

10. Or, if you were a wee bit arty, you'd probably head to The Egg at The Wee Red Bar instead.

Instagram: @chrisjdennis

Playlist: The Strokes, The Strokes, The White Stripes, something peculiar from the 1970s, The Strokes.

11. If you were gay, or even if you weren't, you'd inevitably end up at CC's at least once a week.

Instagram: @mrbarberella

You never actually meant to end up in its mirrored, clammy basement grinding to "Dirrrty" by Christina Aguilera. It just somehow lured you in.


13. You spent most of your student loan on giant jeans or Emily the Strange T-Shirts at Flip on North Bridge.

Instagram: @ceristar

Despite the fact the jeans soaked up every single puddle, and Edinburgh had plenty. And the ironic tees usually lasted for about one wash.

14. And you spent whatever was left on Malteser cakes from Choco-Latte on Clerk Street.

Instagram: @charlie_lizzy

Sure, you could bake your flatmate a birthday cake. But it was a pre-Bake Off era, no one expected it back then.

15. That's when you weren't shopping for fancy dress costumes in Armstrong's, of course.

Instagram: @nuriaseron

"Quick, we need to find something to wear for the Hawaiian-themed early '90s school disco night at The Pleasance!"


17. You can divide your uni experience into two eras: Before the Cowgate fire, and after.

Facebook: lostedinburgh

Or, if you arrived just after it happened, you had to listen to people talking about how amazing the burned-out Cowgate clubs used to be for years.

18. EUSA societies had pretty straightforward goals.

Aimée Johnson

Clarinet society: "We get pissed every Tuesday." Cheerleading soc: "Come and get pissed with us!" Law soc: "Can't type. Pissed." It was a simpler time.

21. But, if all else failed, you could always use your Snapfax to get into the Odeon on Clerk Street for a mere £2.50.

Instagram: @thomas_shek

Those were the days. Also, how have they not changed the design in 10 years?