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This One Tweet Helped The Indian Railway Ministry Save A 19-Year-Old From Human Traffickers

You did good, guys. You did good.

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On January 5, a young woman who was travelling with two older men on a train bound from Hyderabad to New Delhi, handed this letter to a co-passenger.

Written in Hindi, the letter stated that the woman was forcibly being taken to New Delhi by the two men. She also said that she was an orphan, and a student of class 10.


Thanks to Khunteta's tweet and the Ministry's timely response, 19-year-old Radha Lohar was rescued from her perpretators by the Railway Protection Force.


While the perpetrators, Kamruddin Ansari and Prem Kanti Tirkey, were detained, the Railway Ministry said that Lohar would be taken under the protective custody of Pratham, an NGO.