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One Nation's Newest Candidate Is An Anti-Islam Campaigner And Alpaca Farmer

Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman has been officially endorsed by Pauline Hanson's party.

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A Bendigo councillor known for posting a horrific image of female genital mutilation in an attempt to win an online argument will run for the Senate seat of Victoria with Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

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The party confirmed the selection of Elise Chapman, a City of Greater Bendigo councillor on its website.

“I call it as I see it and I am not afraid to voice my disapproval of Islam as a supremacist, political ideology cloaked in religion,” she said in a statement.

Chapman is described as a "firm believer in truth over political correctness", and is also a real estate agent, actor and award-winning alpaca farmer.

Proud to announce that Elise Chapman from Bendigo will run for the Senate in Vic #auspol #victoria #senate

Chapman is a staunch opponent of a proposed mosque being built in the regional Victorian city and attracted media attention last year by attending rallies led by racist groups.

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When a woman who supported the mosque development tweeted at her, Chapman replied with a graphic image of baby girls with mutilated genitals, writing "Oh we could have this here too? Would you like your fanny sliced off?".

A Bendigo Council conduct panel made a misconduct finding against Chapman for her tweets.

The councillor has expressed anti-Islam views, claiming that there are daily reports of people being raped by Muslims.

"Every day in the media there are cases of people being raped by Muslims ... and there is no doubt a mosque would see more Muslims move to Bendigo," she said at the time.


Elise Chapman has asked for donations to her campaign and thanked her supporters with this incredibly dank meme on her Facebook page.

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