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Can Americans Pass The UK Driving Test?

Adapted from actual questions from the DVSA car theory test. Four wrong answers, and you’ve failed, and then you'll never drive your lorry on the carriageway, chap.

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    An arm extended out window, waving up and down.
    An arm extended out window, spinning in circle.
    An arm extended out window, stationary.
    An arm extended in car, spinning in circle.
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    Renewing your vehicle excise licence.
    Renewing your driving licence.
    Obtaining a driving licence.
    Obtaining vehicle insurance.
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    Immediately after purchase.
    One year after purchase.
    Three years after purchase.
    Five years after purchase.
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    Ring road
    Dual carriageway ends
    No outlet
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    55 mph
    70 mph
    80 kmh
    120 kmh
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    10 metres
    15 metres
    35 metres
    45 metres
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    Slow down and pass them.
    Get by them as quickly as possible.
    Ignore them. They’re have no authority.
    Stop your car and shut off the engine.
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    No waiting or parking.
    Designated student pick-up area.
    Parked cars must be attended.
    Slow to 15 mph in this area.
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    Children my suddenly enter roadway.
    Pedestrians and cyclists may cross.
    A railway crosses the roadway.
    Toucans may suddenly enter the roadway.
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    No entry
    No passing
    No stopping
    No crossing
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    Pull out before they reach the intersection.
    Pull out after they’re completely through the intersection.
    Back up and let them pass through the intersection.
    Wait until they’ve slowed and started their turn, then pull out.
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    Normal driving.
    Passing slower motorists.
    Emergency vehicles.
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    The edge of the carriageway
    Bicycle lane.
    No passing lane.
    Breakdown lane.
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    30 mph
    50 mph
    40 kph
    60 kph
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    If no pedestrians are present.
    To enter a property.
    As a shortcut.
    When another vehicle is stopped in the road.
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    …the person is blind.
    …the person is deaf.
    …the person is deaf and blind.
    …the person is a government official.
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    If you’ve witnessed a traffic incident.
    When you’re merging onto the motorway.
    If you’re involved in an incident involving damage or injury.
    When entering a roundabout.
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    1 year.
    3 years.
    5 years.
    10 years.
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    Full beam lights
    Dipped lights
    Fog lights
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    Ferry-crossing ahead.
    Only Ford brand automobiles may pass.
    There may be shallow water on the road ahead.
    Temporary hazard in roadway ahead.

Can Americans Pass The UK Driving Test?

You would not pass the UK driver’s license exam.

On this abbreviated 20-question version of the DVSA car theory test, four or more incorrect answers means that you would not pass the exam. Sorry! Looks like you'll have to take the bus from now on! (Luckily, they’re double decker busses, so there’s plenty of space.)

You would not pass the UK driver’s license exam.
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Congrats! You would pass the UK driver’s license exam.

Cheerio! You could actually hold your own on the roadways in the UK. Just don’t forget that they drive on the left over there, or else things could get messy real quick.

Congrats! You would pass the UK driver’s license exam.
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