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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Really Funny "Lord Of The Rings" Tumblr Posts


    1. When they thought up this excellent idea.

    2. When they gave you this mental image.

    3. When they pointed out Bilbo's uselessness.

    4. When they realized why Thorin looked familiar.

    5. When a pretty great Mean Girls crossover happened.

    6. And a Parks and Rec one.

    7. Two, in fact.

    8. Oh, and The Office.

    9. Legally Blonde fits pretty perfectly, too.

    10. When Thorin's stubbornness was called out.

    11. When they imagined this scenario, which would surely be the end of Middle-Earth.

    12. When they imagined the conversation between two legendary authors about tributes in each other's books.

    13. When they put the Fellowship in a musical.

    14. When Gondor yodeled for aid.

    15. When this guy's beautiful hair and beard were too much to handle.

    16. When they called out Orlando Bloom's faces.

    17. When Frodo played favorites.

    18. When they reminded us all that Billy Boyd IS ACTUALLY PIPPIN.

    19. When they found a cat for every Legolas face.

    20. When someone re-created the Fellowship with Legos.

    21. When Legolas was taken out of context, but it worked perfectly.

    22. When they realized that Bilbo was all of us.

    23. When Legolas made angry kisses.

    24. When Gandalf got called out on his bullshit.

    25. When they made a pun so good that Elrond couldn't even handle it.

    26. When they thought up the best Halloween ever.

    27. When someone actually did it.

    28. And finally, when Lorde of the Rings happened.