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This Is What Happens When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

"Sister, sisterrrr. Never knew how much I missed ya."

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For anyone who's close with their sister: You know that hanging out feels less like hanging out with a family member and more like hanging out with your best friend.

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For starters, you barely ever ask to borrow each other's clothes... You just take them and hope they don't call ya out in public for wearing it.

You share everything, from makeup to makeup tips (like that lip liner is NOT the same thing as eyeliner).

Taking a car ride quickly turns into an indoor concert.

And there's no one else you're more comfortable around.

You're there for each other through whatever life throws at you. Both the bad...

...and the good.

And when you're forced to spend time apart, you're constantly FaceTiming, Snapchatting, and texting.

And when you do finally reunite, there's nothing better.


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