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Hot Guys Holding BB-8 Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

It's a good life for a ball droid.

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With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a new droid rolled its way into our hearts for all eternity.


But if you were wondering what was missing... Uh, this?

There's a new Tumblr on the block, and it is called HotGuysHoldingBB8.

It was created by Entertainment Weekly writer Marc Snetiker, and it is beautiful.

The men in question all seem to have markedly different relationships to our favorite lil' droid.

Some are passing on excited whispers.

Some are using our sweet BB for comfort.

Others are taking advantage of the coverage opportunities.

A ball droid really is useful in that way.

You can take walks on the beach with BB-8.

BB-8 really loves the beach, in fact.

You can be vaguely sweaty with BB8.

You can take BB-8 to your work functions.

Or hang out by the pool.

But we all know who loves this droid best.

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