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    Amandla Stenberg And Solange Knowles Shout Each Other Out On Instagram And It's The Best Girl Power Moment Ever

    Just when we thought our love for them had reached max levels...

    So Amandla Stenberg and Solange Knowles are basically friends now, and we're literally losing our freakin' miiiiindzzzzz!


    Stenberg covered the February issue of Teen Vogue, looking radiant and effortlessly fly AF, and guess who interviewed her for the mag.

    Solange Got Damn Knowles!

    "I have a confession to make: I didn’t prepare for my interview with Amandla Stenberg. Though we had never met, from the outside looking in, I recognized her so deeply that I didn’t think I’d need to," Knowles writes for Teen Vogue. "There’s a secret language shared among black girls who are destined to climb mountains and cross rivers in a world that tells us to belong to the valleys that surround us. You learn it very young, and although it has no words, you hear it clearly."

    I know when I used to chemically straighten mine, I did it because I wasn't comfortable with my natural hair. I thought it was too poofy, too kinky. So for me, personally, when I started wearing it natural, it felt like I was blossoming because I was letting go of all the dead hair and all the parts of me that had rejected my natural state.

    After the issue dropped, both magical forces took their love for each other to Instagram (so we KNOW it's real) and gave us new squad goals for the twenty sixteen.

    Stenberg affectionately nicknamed the singer "soul healing honey mama Solange," while Knowles shared how inspired she was by the young star and revealed a plan to sprinkle black girl magic all over the universe!

    This just makes us so HAPPY! Happier than lil 'mandla playing in this snow.