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Leonardo DiCaprio Blushed Real Hard When He Watched Himself Make That Face At Lady Gaga

"That's trending, huh?"

Last night we saw Leonardo DiCaprio make this face when Lady Gaga walked by him at the Golden Globe Awards: / Via

And then right after the show the reaction was played back to him. It's possible that the reaction to the reaction is just as great as the original reaction. See, first Leo and director Alejandro Iñárritu are like "ohhhh my god."

And Leo's cheeks were definitely gettin' a bit red there.

And then Leo was like, "Oh that's trending, huh?"

While Alejandro Iñárritu was still over there being like "ohhhh my goddd."

And then Leo gave his official reason for the face: He just didn't know what was passing him, that's all.

Whatever the truth is, it will live on in Golden Globes history forever. XOXO BYE.


Oh and here's the whole interview for you to watch:

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