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Let's Talk About Golden Globe Winner Gael García Bernal

Prepare to fall in love.

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If you're not already in love with him, then prepare to be...

@gaelgarciab entacuchado pa los #GoldenGlobes --> #mozartinthejungle #habrádejadolosfrijolesenlalumbre?

He's funny...


Like, he's really adorable.

He's incredibly talented...

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Check him out in Y Tu Mamá También, Bad Education, Babel, The Motorcycle Diaries, Even the Rain (Meme La Pluie), No, and, of course, Mozart in the Jungle. I mean, honestly, just check out all of his work. ALL OF IT.


He also does really cool shit. He helped create Ambulante, an organization and film festival that brings documentaries to places where they're rarely shown.

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And helped create the Amnesty International short documentary series Los Invisibles. He also spent some of his time as a teen teaching indigenous peoples in Mexico to read.

He's amazing.