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Vir Das Missed His Jet Airways Flight And Had A Field Day On Twitter

Jet, set, miss.

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Vir Das recently took Jet Airways' case after missing his flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai because boarding announcements weren't made in the lounge.

After missing his flight, Das tweeted videos of him talking to Jet staff.

Hey jet. Here's dimple from lounge staff @jetairways :-)

Some of them refused to talk to him.

Now jet airways. Here's the helpfulness of your staff :-) @jetairways

He tried to discuss the matter with the duty manager but he too, was unresponsive.

A beautiful climax. Jet airways. Here's your duty manager on tape walking away from me refusing to help. @jetairways

Das even chased him around.

After the ordeal he finally got a flight out to Mumbai.

Hey @jetairways Here's Sonam from your staff admitting that what happened was wrong & asking us for 30grand.

People have been tweeting in support of Das calling out Jet for being unprofessional.

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