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Change Your Phone Case As Much As You Change Your Underwear

Here's how you can DIY an unlimited amount of phone case designs using a clear phone case and LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT IS FLAT. No glue necessary!

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...a TIE DYE case,

Katelyn Stoll

Materials: spin art

Have a flat piece of artwork lying around the house? Maybe you did spinart as a kid and it's still on the refrigerator in the kitchen? Turn it into a phone case by cutting a portion of it and layering it between the phone and case!

...a SILLY case,

Katelyn Stoll

Materials: sticker, tissue paper, glitter

First, sprinkle glitter into case. Second, place sticker face down wherever you'd like. Last, layer in a piece of tissue paper. Insert phone and check it out!

...BIRTHDAY case,

Katelyn Stoll

Materials: thick ribbons, tissue paper, glitter

First, sprinkle glitter into case. Next, cut ribbons and tissue paper into whatever shape you'd like and place them on top of the glitter. Insert phone and flip it over to check out your masterpiece!


...a FORTUNE case, a MOVIE case, a CONCERT case,

Katelyn Stoll

Materials: fortune cookie fortunes, cellophane, movie tickets, tissue paper, concert ticket, glitter

You can make a memory case with your saved tickets from different events or movies by inserting them into your case. Add some glitter or tissue paper to spruce it up!