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People Don't Know Who David Bowie Is And We're Here To Clear That Up

Let's set things straight about Ziggy Stardust, people.

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The legendary David Bowie died this week at age 69. Naturally, this started to happen:

In fact, some people are ~really~ confused.

There have been questions about bowie knives.

And the Alamo.

And confusion about other rock legends.

Though that's understandable because of Bowie's incredible collaborations, like "Under Pressure."

He does have stuff ~on~ YouTube, but he is not ~from~ YouTube.

For example, you can see this collab that we still can't believe is real.

View this video on YouTube

So for those who are confused, let's clear this up: David Bowie is the man who wrote "Changes," one of the greatest songs in rock history.

View this video on YouTube

He's the rock god who wrote "Heroes," people.


And hey, you know that Nirvana song you love, "The Man Who Sold the World"? That's a David Bowie song.


Here's the thing, though: The people who don't know who David Bowie is are actually quite lucky.

Because now they get to hear him for the very first time.

And that's pretty magical.

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