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The Internet Is Calling Jennifer Lawrence Out For Being Rude To A Reporter

"You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro."

It's customary for winners of the Golden Globes to answers questions for reporters after the ceremony has ended. After this year's show, Jennifer Lawrence responded to a reporter in a way that has some people upset.

Jennifer Lawrence calls out a reporter for not looking up from his phone. #GoldenGlobes #backstage https://t.co/anWeQCsIL6

In the middle of a reporter asking her a question, Jennifer interrupted him and sort of called him out for using his phone.

The reporter continued and mentioned the Oscars, and that's when Lawrence interrupted him a second time.

People online are peeved by her actions, saying she was rude to the reporter.


Listening to the clip, you can tell that the reporter has an accent, and he may have been using his phone to keep track of the questions he had for Lawrence.


Here are few tweets from people who expressed their feelings on the matter:

jennifer lawrence is awful the reporter was clearly not a native english speaker he needed his phone to make sure he read the question right

Some even asked that she apologize.

love Jennifer Lawrence but she needs to apologize to that reporter like does she not realize that they keep their questions on their phones?

A lot of people echoed the same sentiments...

Jennifer Lawrence wants to be America's sweetie with the tumbling and shit on stage. Her disrespect of a foreign reporter was classless.

...with some just calling her actions unkind.

What Jennifer Lawrence did to that reporter wasn't feminist it was rude and unkind.

Basically, a lot of people weren't into it.

It's like Jennifer Lawrence tries to be funny but it comes off as rude sometimes. She didn't have to out the reporter like that.