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    13 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Parties In Canada

    Damn. That's a lot of boots.

    1. So it's the weekend. And you live in Canada. You know what that means.

    2. First things first, it means that your hallway will start looking like this:


    3. And it means you'll need a little extra planning to get you through the night.

    4. Canadians are a tough bunch who don't let the weather mess with their plans.

    5. They actually use the weather to their advantage.


    6. Running out space in the fridge? No problem.


    7. Power outage? No problem.

    8. Trying to collect empties without a recycling bin? No problem.


    9. Sure, their methods might be unorthodox, but you have to admit that they're borderline genius.

    10. Partying in Canada is like partying anywhere, except, you know, better.


    11. Seriously. I mean, no one judges you for checking the score during group photos.


    12. Or for wearing a weird outfit due to severe temperature confusion.

    Via Twitter: @ShammaZachary

    Freezing outside and smoldering inside.

    13. All that really matters to Canadians is recovering from the night before so they can do it all again tomorrow.

    Party on, Canada.

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