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21 Celebrity Tweets And Instagrams You Missed From The Golden Globes

"Methinks there may be a Pussy Posse party tonight."

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2. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus proved she's definitely a winner:

3. When Mindy Kaling was spot on:

Methinks there may be a Pussy Posse party tonight

4. When Viola Davis made your heart melt:

Instagram: @violadavis

5. When Ellen DeGeneres campaigned for Leo's future Oscar:

Congratulations, @LeoDiCaprio! I knew it! You had me at the beard. And the bear. #GoldenGlobes

6. When Liev Schreiber pregamed to Selena Gomez:

Sorry, had to put a sexy filter on it. Thanks Donofans. #GoldenGlobes #RayDonovan

7. When Matt Bomer congratulated his co-star:

Congratulations to one of the great artists of our time @ladygaga on her very well deserved @goldenglobes award! You did it!! @AHSFX

8. When Wendy Williams was in awe of queen J.Lo:

9. When Colin Hanks kicked off 2016 with a rough start:

Last year: Nominated. This year: ubering to an uber to a parking structure to a shuttle to a post party I asked to be invited to.

10. When Bryce Dallas Howard and her bae Seth Gabel were relationship #goals:

Chilling at the globes with my hunny. Xo #goldenglobes

11. When Cher was a Little Monster:


12. When Rebel Wilson brought the shade:

How does the Golden Globes determine the difference between a comedy and a drama? $500 000??

13. When Ava DuVernay was Team Leo:

Loved Leo since "This Boy's Life." Love seeing him up there. And shouting out Alejandro and Chivo and the First Nations. Yes! #goldenglobes

14. When Beth Behrs celebrated the Globes the same way we all did:

#goldenglobes #fashion #whippedcream

15. When Kim Kardashian praised queen Gaga:

wow Lady Gaga looked so amazing! So happy for her

16. When Wendy Williams said exactly what we were all thinking:

The stars of all our dreams tonight. #SILYMI #HotTopicsNorman #GoldenGlobes

17. When Elizabeth Banks voted Cate Blanchett as best dressed:

Whoa #CateBlanchett #GoldenGlobes dress - she is a fashion beast. That is all.

18. When Rob Lowe looked adorable with his bae:

Always a winner with this Golden Girl. #GoldenGlobes

19. When America Ferrera took an internet-breaking selfie:

Instagram: @americaferrera

20. When Eva Longoria posed with a hella hilarious squad:

Instagram: @evalongoria

21. And when Kelly Rowland celebrated Cookie:

Congrats to the gorgeous @TherealTaraji! ❤️😘 #GoldenGlobes #empire

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