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What Are Your Memories Of David Bowie?

People are sharing their favourite anecdotes about David Bowie and his music. Add yours.

The news that David Bowie died on Sunday at age 69 has shocked and saddened fans around the world.

Ralph Gatti / AFP / Getty Images

There have been a lot of tributes online by musicians, artists, writers, and fans from around the world.

RIP David Bowie. A true InspIration

Do you have any memories of David Bowie and his music? Does his music connect with you in a certain way, or reflect a moment in his life?

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

Or do you have any stories about him? Did you ever go to a concert or witnessed an important moment? Do you have any his records stuck in your head right now?

Share your memories about Bowie in the comments below and it may be featured in a future post.

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