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    This Guy Just Made The Most Epic S'more Using An Actual Damn Volcano

    This dude must really lava marshmallows.

    Adventurer Bradley Ambrose took the art of making s'mores to the next level when he decided to try cooking one using A FUCKING VOLCANO.

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    Ambrose, a New Zealander, made his s'more using one of the lava lakes on Vanuatu's Ambrym Island.

    Bradley Ambrose / Caters News Agency

    Sandwiching a jumbo marshmallow and some chocolate between two biscuits, Ambrose wrapped the s'more in foil and let the volcano do the rest.

    This isn't the first volcanic snack Ambrose has made, previously attempting to roast a marshmallow in a similar fashion.

    Bradley Ambrose / Caters News Agency

    Weighed down by a rock and sitting perilously close to just a pool of LAVA, the s'more wouldn't take very long to cook at all.

    Bradley Ambrose / Caters News Agency

    Considering lava can reach temperatures over 1,000C.

    Then, no big deal, Ambrose retrieves his treat and trudges back up the side of the crater. The trip back wasn't quite as flawless.

    One more misstep and Bradley would have been no s'more!

    For all the haters who thought you couldn't make s'mores with lava, just remember: yes you volCANo!