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Leonardo DiCaprio Had The World's Most Awkward High Five At The Golden Globes

We've all been there.

Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe tonight for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), and he looked very pleased as he got up to accept his award.

He turns to his left, and kisses his dad.

Helen Mirren looks on happily as Leo, still smiling, turns to the gentleman further to his left.

Remember this man. Remember his face.

The man, mid-applause, spreads his hands to high five Leo in a sign of congratulations and camaraderie. Helen Mirren is still watching.

Leo, clearly overcome with emotion, misses the physical cue. He balls his fists instead, preparing to "bump it."

Helen Mirren watches, powerless, as the men's hands hurtle toward each other, their shapes incompatible.

They make first contact. It's painful. Helen cringes.

They withdraw, egos wounded. Bryan Cranston pops his head in to watch the carnage.

Leo withdraws, but his companion is not ready to give up.

He gives Leo's fist another quick, affectionate slap. Leo retreats...

...and turns his back. Perhaps never to attempt a high five again.

The man's eyes follow Leo, wanting to apologize, not sure how to find the words.

Perhaps there are none. Perhaps words fail the emotion of this moment.

We are all this man.


The article originally misidentified Leonardo DiCaprio's dad as a "lucky lady." No offense was intended, and he is a very lucky gentleman.