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Sky News Just Read Out A Fake Story About David Bowie Live On Air

The spoof story about Bowie serenading diners at a curry house was posted last week.

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Last week, satirical news site the Suffolk Gazette posted this story about David Bowie visiting a curry house and singing to diners.

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The story was fake. Obviously. The Suffolk Gazette calls itself a "spoof and satire" site.

The editors added a note to the story after news of Bowie's death broke Monday.

"Of course the restaurant incident did not take place."

But that didn't stop some from falling for it.

Reason to love Suffolk No. 75: because @DavidBowieReal sang at an Indian restaurant in Bungay on Wednesday.

Sad to hear of David Bowie's death, but awesome hearing his final performance was in a curry house!

#DavidBowie's last performance was at a curry house in Bungay, Suffolk. He stood up from his meal and gave diners a rendition of Jean Genie.

...including Sky News presenter Eamonn Holmes, who read out the story live on air.


Thankfully people have seen the funny side of this. Our spoof story was published LAST week. RIP Bowie