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January 10, 2018

Trump Wants To Help Republicans Win Tough Elections. Some Candidates Would Prefer He Stay Home.

GOP leaders have a preliminary plan for how best to use a president with low approval ratings, but who is still popular in some competitive districts.

The Rainbow Flag Is Free To Fly In An Australian Government Building, After "War" Ends

Other groups will also be allowed to fly their own flags, if they want.

Este es el nuevo parque de la CDMX que está atascando Instagram de fotos

Saca la patineta y la correa de tus mascotas, es hora de pasear.

YouTuber Shane Dawson Has Apologized For Jokes About Pedophilia

"I am not a fucking pedophile," the YouTuber said in a response video posted on Wednesday, but he also apologized for making "really shitty fucking jokes."

¿Puedes reconocer la caricatura por el personaje secundario?

Pongamos a prueba tu memoria y tu buena observación.

NYC Is Suing Five Oil Companies Over Climate Change

Six California cities and municipalities sued the same big oil companies over climate change last year. Earlier this week, ExxonMobil took first steps toward a counter-suit.

Fox News' Star Washington Reporter Reportedly Left As Scrutiny Of Sexual Harassment Claims Increased

Rosen left Fox News suddenly in December after an 18-year career with the network, but NPR reported Wednesday that he did so as scrutiny increased over sexual harassment claims.

Death Toll Climbs To 17 As Crews Continue Search For California Mudslide Survivors

The mudslides destroyed 100 homes in Santa Barbara County and left at least 17 people dead, with 8 people still missing.

13-Year-Old Idaho Middle Schooler Raped By Older Student In Computer Lab, Lawsuit Says

According to the complaint, the victim was forced to leave school and move to a different town. Her alleged 17-year-old attacker is facing felony charges, but only served a one-day suspension from school.

Ben Smith On The Russia Dossier, One Year Later

On the one-year anniversary of the publication of the explosive Russia dossier, BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith discusses its impact on AM2DM.

Theresa May Is On A Mission To Become The "Blue Planet'" Prime Minister, But Here's Why Some People Are Sceptical

"We’ve got to make sure this doesn’t turn into ‘hug a husky part two’, which rapidly developed into ‘cut the green crap’ a couple of years later,” said Labour's Mary Creagh.

What Newsletter Should Every Woman Subscribe To?

We want to know what you're reading!

This Man Could Be Deported To A Country He Hasn't Seen Since He Was A Child

Abdoul Abdi was raised in provincial care, but nobody ever applied for his citizenship. Now he could be deported to Somalia even though he left as a child.

17 Food Recipe Videos That Took Things Way Too Far

Would prob still eat this stuff, I just wouldn't happy about it.

These Shocking Pictures Show The Reality Of Illegal Immigration

"It's important that Americans remember that this is a country of immigrants."

TV Depictions Of Disability Have Come A Long Way

Shows like Speechless and Switched at Birth have helped shift portrayals of disabled characters who have historically been depicted as pity-evoking “Tiny Tims” and vengeful “Captain Ahabs.” But there's still room for improvement.

¿Qué supermercado te representa realmente?

¿Vas al super, o a hacer este quiz?

An Australian Government Museum Is Being Sued After A $30m Submarine It Borrowed Caught Fire On A US Highway

The Deepsea Challenger is capable of diving to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Don't Worry, Everyone, This US Military Leader Has A New Hashtag To Get ISIS To Give Up

The US military’s top enlisted leader warned #ISIS_SurrenderOrDie, or face death via "dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools."

Esta é a liminar que permite a todos os Uber com placa de fora de SP rodarem na cidade

Decisão provisória foi concedida em novembro, após um pedido da associação de locadoras de carros. A prefeitura, que ainda não foi notificada oficialmente, deve recorrer. Leia a íntegra da liminar.

Here Are 15 Of The Biggest Fashion Trends You'll See In 2018

Get ready for more excellent prints and pants.

54 NSW Children Died Of Diseases For Which There Is A Vaccine

Influenza was the most common cause of childhood death preventable, or potentially preventable, by vaccination.

11 Bridesmaid Proposal Stories That Are Just Too Cute

'Cause you can't say "I do" without your besties by your side!

It's Time To Take On Big Opioid Like We Did With Big Tobacco

I helped coordinate the historic lawsuits against Big Tobacco in the 1990s. As the government confronts the opioid crisis, it must learn from our mistakes.

Se você já sofreu qualquer uma destas coisas, é heterofobia

Basta assinalar um item para provar que ela existe, sim.

The Fate Of DACA Recipients May Come Down To Finding A Definition Of “Wall” That Both Parties Can Live With

Congress is struggling to work out a “bill of love” to protect 800,000 DREAMers and will allow both Democrats and Republicans to say they kept their promises.

Mariah Carey Is A Genius Who Realizes The Power Of A Good Meme

When life doesn't give you tea, turn it into coins!

People Are Freaking Out Because They Just Learned Essential Oils Can Hurt Cats

Facebook sellers of the oils are now defending their products.

So You Think You Know Your European Flags, Do Ya?

Let's hope you know your Baltic states!

Russia, Banned From The Winter Olympics, Apparently Is Hacking Olympic Emails

The new leaks may be retaliation for the December decision to bar Russia from participating in the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

Robert De Niro Absolutely Went After Trump At An Awards Show

The actor made the comments while presenting Meryl Streep with an award.

Margot Robbie's Husband Basically Showed His Private Parts To Our Former President

"Tom's now got a towel over his crotch, trying to be modest."

James Franco ha hablado sobre las acusaciones por mala conducta sexual en su contra

Las acusaciones se produjeron después de que Franco lució un prendedor del movimiento Time's Up, en contra del acoso en Hollywood, en la ceremonia de los Golden Globes del pasado domingo.

24 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

My love for you is worth this much. The rest is in my heart, obviously.

Michelle Williams Was Reportedly Paid About $1,000 To Reshoot A Movie While Mark Wahlberg Was Paid $1.5 Million

Williams was reportedly paid an $80 daily per diem to refilm scenes of All the Money in the World, totaling less than $1,000, which would be less than 0.1% of Wahlberg's pay.

Here's How A Student Loan Debt Relief Company Preyed On Its Customers

SLAC billed itself as a model actor in the troubled student loan debt refinancing industry, but former employees claim it was harming customers to make its sales.

Lula será lançado candidato a presidente no dia seguinte ao julgamento — seja qual for o resultado

Anúncio faz parte da pressão dos petistas sobre a opinião pública. Veja o que acontece depois do julgamento.

29 Products That'll Seriously Save You So Much Time

These products'll give you enough free time to finally get that mid-day nap you've been dreaming of.

Oh God, Please Don’t Make *That* Resolution Again This Year

Please, it doesn’t have to be this way.

17 Mentiras que todos los papás les dijeron a sus hijos en los 90

Como que si te tragabas un chicle se te iban a pegar las tripas.

Here’s Why Latin America’s 2018 Is Going To Be A Wild One

The region will be tested by at least five presidential elections and numerous local ones, the potential fallout of growing militarization, and US-bred threats to the economy.

Podemos adivinar si eres mujer con solo 7 preguntas

¿Has tenido que cambiar de ruta para evitar que te acosen en la calle?

In October, Twitter Promised An Ad Transparency Center In 'Coming Weeks.' Where Is It?

Responding to Russian election meddling on its platform last October, Twitter promised to introduce an ad transparency center "in the coming weeks." There's still no sign of it.

Justices Appear Likely To Uphold Ohio's System For Removing Voters From The Rolls

Arguments on Wednesday centered around whether Ohio is using a failure to vote, and nothing more, as the basis for canceling voter registrations. The state says a notice it sends to people who haven't voted provides a safeguard that makes the system OK.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on magnetic kitchen strips, wool rugs, vintage-style Edison bulbs, and more!

Catherine Deneuve Apologized For Saying The #MeToo Movement Had Gone Too Far

"Insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression," read a letter signed last week by the French cinema icon and more than 100 other women. Deneuve later apologized to victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Canada’s Political Parties Won’t Commit To A Day Against Islamophobia

A year after a gunman killed six in a Quebec City mosque, the province’s leading party is coming out against a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.

10 hábitos normais para gringos que a maioria dos brasileiros acham nojentinhos

Banho "por partes", lavar o cabelo de vez em nunca, não escovar os dentes depois do almoço... (*desmaio*)

A Picture Of A Refugee Staring Into A Gym Went Viral. Now He Has A Lifetime Membership.

A photograph of a shoeshine boy staring longingly into a gym went viral, and inspired the sports club’s owner to help.

Design Your Perfect Snow Day And Discover Which "Charmed" Character You Are

It's the perfect weather for re-watching for the fifth time.

Which Potato Side Are You Most Like?

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!

Este quiz te dirá tu % de Teresa

A ver, a ver, ¿has andado con alguien por interés y has negado a tus amigos porque te dan oso?

35 Things You'll Feel Totally Badass When You Wear

♬ What's wrong with being, what's wrong with being confident? ♬

Préparez-vous un chocolat chaud digne des rois avec ces bâtonnets à faire fondre dans du lait

Avec ces 4 recettes de bâtonnets de chocolat, vous n'aurez plus jamais la flemme de faire un chocolat chaud !

Here’s How “Climate Change” Has Disappeared From Federal Websites Under Trump

Several agencies have scrubbed climate information from their websites, and often not communicated why, according to a new report. In many cases, it’s unclear if the changes were mandated by Trump officials, self-censorship from career staff, or administrative tweaks without political motives.

21 astuces vraiment pas chères pour rendre votre salle de bain plus luxueuse

Parce que c'est un lieu où vous devez vous sentir bien.

People Are Transforming That Racist H&M Hoodie Photo Into Stunning Works Of Art

Cuz turning lemons into bomb-ass lemonade is what we do!

32 Movie Facts That'll Make Every '00s Girl Say "Wait, I Never Knew That"

Rachel McAdams could've been Andy in The Devil Wears Prada.

19 Borderline Orgasmic Photos Of Pizza

You definitely want more than just the tip.

Can You Ace This "Happy Days" Quiz?

"Sunday, Monday, Happy days..."

O quanto você conhece o "Código dos Manos" de "How I Met Your Mother"?

Acerte todas as perguntas e deixe Barney Stinson orgulhoso.

I Can't Stop Laughing At All Of One Direction Being Nominated For Best Solo Breakout

"So I have to choose between One Direction and One Direction you mean..."

Catherine Deneuve Calls Out #MeToo Movement

Iconic French film star Catherine Deneuve cosigned an open letter denouncing the wave of sexual misconduct allegations for unfairly targeting men and threatening sexual freedom.

Here's What It Is Like To Use Social Media When You Are Totally Blind

Rob recently went viral for making millions of users aware of a simple feature that can give him, and others in the blind community, access to a wealth of silly memes and influential images.

"Cheapest Weddings" Is The Show To Guide You Through This Bleak Winter

There are only six episodes, though, so here's hoping that this bleak winter is short.

15 Tweets About Watching "Friends" For The First Time That Are Really Freaking Relatable

If you don't hear me clap during the theme song, it means I'm dead.

¿Eres más Hugo Sánchez o Hugo Sánchez?

Descubre si eres el icónico jugador mexicano, o el icónico asistente de Chava Iglesias.

23 mauvaises habitudes qui pourrissent nos relations et qu'il est grand temps d'arrêter

Le fait de rêver que votre partenaire vous trompe n'est pas le signe annonciateur que cela va se passer vraiment.

How Is Sex Inaccurately Portrayed In Fanfiction?

Let's talk about ~throbbing members~.

A School District Will Pay $800,000 To Settle A Transgender Student's Discrimination Lawsuit

Ash Whitaker had sued a Wisconsin school district for limiting his use of the boys' bathroom at high school.

Plan A Day Off And We'll Guess Your Age And General Location

Time to make the most of this one-day staycation!

J.D. Vance Is Now Seriously Considering Running For Senate In Ohio

The Hillbilly Elegy author is fielding increased calls for him to enter the race now that Josh Mandel has dropped out. And he's in Washington this week, talking to Republican leaders about the possibility.

31 Practical But Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

For people who have no need for teddy bears.

Can You Name The Country From The Three-Letter Combination It Contains?

Much like life, this quiz starts easy and gets increasingly painful. Good luck!

10 fois où Catherine Deneuve a défendu la cause des femmes

«J'ai toujours trouvé que le mot de viol avait été excessif.»

Il fallait absolument voir ces séries en 2017

Cette année il y a eu beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup de séries.

What The Hell Just Happened To Diet Coke? 2018 Edition

With new flavors like "twisted mango," "zesty blood orange," "feisty cherry," and "ginger lime," as well as slimmed-down, candy-colored cans, the new Diet Coke is barely recognizable.

Por quantas dessas comidas você sairia no tapa?

A Topazzyo e a Yngrid brigaram por batata frita na hamburgueria Porpino. E você, por qual comida arrumaria confusão?

Gabinete de Bolsonaro fez pagamentos a gráficas que prestaram serviço a suas campanhas

As contas do deputado seguem um padrão: perto das campanhas, a mesma empresa que presta serviço ao candidato também é contratada por seu gabinete.

These YouTubers Are Being Called Out For Posting A Video In Which They Appear To Kidnap A Japanese Child

One of the YouTubers said the video was staged and that the family involved knew what was happening.

Serena Williams And Her Daughter On The Cover Of Vogue Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

In the interview, Serena got candid about motherhood and her aim to return to the top spot in tennis.

La opinión de las mujeres importa menos: solo uno de los 11 medios digitales españoles más leídos aprueba en firmas paritarias

Los casos más sangrantes son El Confidencial, con un mísero 5,7% de firmas femeninas en su sección de opinión, El Español, con un 8,53%, ABC, con un 10,13%, el El Mundo, con un 11,26% y El País con un 16,81% durante el mes de noviembre de 2017.

52 YA Books That Need To Be On Your Reading List This Year

Enough for every week of the year, with UK release dates.

11 Indian Actors Who Did Commercials In Their Pre-Fame Days

Started from the bottom, now we're here.

James Franco Has Addressed The Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Against Him

The allegations came after Franco wore a Time's Up pin at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

7 Reasons Vasu Is The Best Damn Thing About "Pushpavalli"

You are not a real fan if you didn't scream "PAASHUPALLI" all the time after watching the show.

G-Eazy Says He's Cancelled His H&M Line After The Company Used A Black Boy To Model A Jumper With "Monkey" On It

"I can't allow for my name and brand to be associated with a company that could let this happen."

Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, States Must Abolish Transgender "Forced Divorce" Laws

"This is an issue that is a hangover from the old days before marriage equality."

A carta desta moça de 27 anos que morreu de câncer pode mudar a forma como você encara a vida

"A vida é assim, ela é frágil, preciosa e imprevisível. Todos os dias são uma dádiva e não um direito adquirido."

14 Genius Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into An At-Home Spa

Upgrade your you-time on the cheap.

Dieser Twitter-Troll hat sich an Dr. Oetker sowas von die Finger verbrannt (und nee, nicht an der Pizza)

Die Leute auf Twitter feiern die Firma dafür, wie sie mit Trollen umgeht.

This Is What Parts Of California Look Like After A Huge Mudslide

At least 15 people have died after mudslides in Southern California. Scores have been hospitalized, and more than 300 people remain trapped after the devastation.



14 Reasons The "Tussi Na Jao" Kid Is Actually The Most Savage Genius In The Universe

A high-IQ sociopath who has lost his bag of fucks to give. But, not his heart of gold.

#MeToo no es un movimiento en contra de los hombres, sino a favor de las mujeres (y eso no es puritanismo)

No existe tal cosa como el derecho a importunar. Importunar a una persona no es ningún derecho natural del hombre.

Les escargots ont des dents. OUI, DES DENTS

Les poules n'en ont toujours pas, rassurez-vous.

This Absolute Legend Handed Prince Harry His Business Card And Offered To DJ At His Wedding

Jevanni Letford told BuzzFeed News he said he would play Luther Vandross and Beyoncé's "The Closer I Get to You" as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first dance.

21 People Who'll Make You Want To Throw Your Contacts In The Trash

People look better in glasses. There, I said it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 2017年の再生回数TOP10


Which "Supernatural" Guy Should You Date?

They're all winners, tbh.

19 veces que Phoebe tuvo la mejor lógica en Friends

Si queréis recibir correos electrónicos sobre mis próximos espectáculos, por favor, dadme dinero para que pueda comprarme un ordenador.

50 películas pare sentirse bien que necesitas ver cuanto antes

¡Prepárate para un montón de música y empoderamiento femenino!



150名の僧侶による「仏教テレフォン相談」 僧侶の熱い思いに胸を打たれる

身近な人だからこそ話せない悩みってありませんか? そんな時にありがたいのが電話相談。



The Government's Botched Case Against Cliven Bundy Has Revived The Movement To Take Back Federal Land

Federal prosecutors' conduct, which prompted a judge to dismiss charges against Bundy and his sons, has bolstered right-wing militias' claims of government overreach and abuse.

振袖を大量出品のアカウントは楽天フリルにも 対応を聞いた


11 Deep Insights Into How India Watches Porn From Pornhub's Probing Study

TL;DR – everyone thank the Ambanis and Reliance Jio for making India a way hornier country in 2017.

24 Aussie Foods That Have Been Lost To The Ages

Forget Potato Smiles, these old snacks are the true MVPs.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Why #AfricanGangs Is Trending

"Since African youth can’t be in a group of three or more without being labeled a 'gang'. Here’s my team, I’m the leader."

Sam Neill Is So Wholesome And Hilarious On Twitter And It Will Genuinely Soothe Your Soul

Sam Neill and his pigs are the only thing keeping me on Twitter right now tbh.

President Trump's Personal Lawyer Sues BuzzFeed Over Dossier Alleging Russian Ties

The president’s longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, filed the lawsuit almost exactly one year after BuzzFeed News published the explosive dossier report.

A Federal Judge Just Ordered The Trump Administration To Partially Revive DACA

A federal judge in San Francisco ordered the administration to resume accepting renewal applications from existing DACA enrollees.

Powerful Earthquake Strikes The Caribbean, Tsunami Advisory Issued

The 7.6 magnitude temblor struck off the coast of Honduras. Tsunami alerts were issued for potentially destructive waves across much of the Caribbean.

Tell Us Which Movie Villain Wasn't Actually All That Bad

I'm not saying they're good, I'm just saying they're not the worst.



25 Shot Glasses Ready To Get You Drunk AF

You'd absolutely ~tequila~ to have these glasses.

"Lady Bird" Director Greta Gerwig Says She Will Never Work With Woody Allen Again

"If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film. I have not worked for him again, and I will not work for him again."

振袖が大量に出品されていたメルカリがコメント発表 「はれのひ」との関連を指摘され


和スイーツ♪ ゆずと抹茶のマーブルケーキ


Supreme Court Puts "Partisan Gerrymandering" Ruling Against N.C.'s Congressional Map On Hold

North Carolina's 2016 congressional map is unconstitutional, a federal court ruled, because its "partisan favoritism" violates the Equal Protection Clause, First Amendment, and Election Clause. [Update: The Supreme Court put the ruling on hold pending state lawmakers' planned appeal.]

Here's How Sydney's Train System Ended Up Absolutely Shitting Itself

"Literally there is nobody to drive the trains."

Stan Lee Denies Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Toward His In-Home Nurses

The 95-year-old Marvel Comics legend claims his former nurses are trying to extort him with false allegations.

Flash Briefing For January 10, 2018

Steve Bannon is out at Breitbart, Instagram is introducing strangers to your feeds, and Joe Arpaio is running for Senate.

Tell Us Your Ideal Living Conditions And We'll Tell You Which City You Belong In

The triangles know more about you than you know about yourself.

We Took A Quiz That Told Us What Type Of Guy We Should Actually Date

"If I feel like I'm mothering you too much it makes the sexual stuff...weird."

Which Disney Character Did You First Have A Crush On?

Because who wasn't in love with General Li Shang, right?!

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