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January 29, 2018

The Animatronic Ursula At Disneyland Lost Her Head And It's Frickin' Terrifying

I would say "OFF WITH HER HEAD," but that's the wrong villain.

Contesta 6 preguntas y te diremos a qué equipo de la NFL le vas en realidad

Sí, eso que comes durante los partidos nos dirá si eres fan de los Patriots, Packers o Cowboys.

This Student Newspaper Let A Nazi Sympathizer Write For Them

The Baron published an interview with a "national socialist" and let him contribute an op-ed to the paper.

Este proyecto busca "desprincesar" a las niñas para hacerlas más libres

La iniciativa busca reeducar a las niñas en cuanto a rivalidad entre mujeres, ideales de belleza y violencia.

Here's Why Your Gmail Icon Might Be Blue Now

Lots of people have noticed this and are freaking out.

Tag 11 im Dschungelcamp war pures Drama und hier sind die 27 fiesesten Tweets

Lustig und fies. Vor allem aber: Lustig weil fies.

メディアはどう生き残るのか BuzzFeedCEOが語る社会的責任とビジネスの多角化


26 Ridiculously Clever Storage Ideas For Your Garage

Now you'll finally have room for your car!

A Democrat Invited A Trans Soldier To Be His Guest At Trump's State Of The Union

Patricia King, a 37-year-old trans staff sergeant, will be in the chamber as a guest of Rep. Joe Kennedy III.

There’s Probably Nothing The Justice Department Can Do To Stop Republicans From Releasing The Disputed FISA Memo

In a recent letter, a Justice Department official told Republican Rep. Devin Nunes it would be "extraordinarily reckless" to release the memo without a national security review. But experts say the department likely lacks any means of stopping it from happening, and Trump reportedly is supportive of its release.

16 Situaciones que un chilango definitivamente jamás entenderá

Porque la gente de la CDMX no sabe lo que es cargar una caja de Krispy Kreme por todo el aeropuerto.

Trump Administration Lifts Refugee Pause On 11 "High-Risk" Countries, Promises Tougher Screening

Senior administration officials said the new security measures would help keep refugees who pose a national security threat from entering the US.

Ireland Will Finally Hold A Referendum On Legalising Abortion In May

Abortion is currently illegal in almost all circumstances in Ireland. One campaigner said she had been "waiting for this just about all my adult life".

13 Young, Black Women Share What It's Like To Enter The Workforce

"Corporate spaces attempt to suppress my ‘blackness’ in the way I dress, talk, and even the way I style my hair."

Nobody Really Knows What Is Causing the Overdose Epidemic, But Here Are A Few Theories

Did economic hardship trigger the opioid crisis, or Mexican cartels, or Big Pharma? “The million dollar question is why is America in so much pain?” one expert said.

This Leaked Government Brexit Analysis Says The UK Will Be Worse Off In Every Scenario

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has seen a new Brexit impact assessment, which says leaving the EU will adversely hit almost every sector and every UK region.

O Game of Thrones da eleição no Corinthians

Néscio, canalha, vagabundo, ladrão, acéfalo, 171, filho da puta, ratazana, duas caras, pederasta, chefe de quadrilha, verme, coisa ruim, câncer, curva de rio. Esses foram alguns dos adjetivos trocados entre os envolvidos na disputa para presidente do Corinthians.

Conoce el plogging, la nueva moda gratuita para bajar de peso y salvar al mundo al mismo tiempo

Se llama plogging, es fácil, rápida, instagrameable y buena para todos.

19 Delicious Pasta Recipes You Need In Your Life

You can't go wrong with pasta.

Betsy DeVos Wants To Put Your Student Loan Money On A Bank Card

A new pilot program is part of an effort by DeVos to create "the most significant change to the student aid process ever."

Jeff Flake Is The Latest Republican To Give Up A Steve Wynn Donation

Officials at the Republican National Committee, meanwhile, have not said what the party at large plans to do with contributions from its recently resigned finance chair.

Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A juicer, a pair of ankle booties, an air fryer, and 20 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

Podemos adivinar cuál es tu serie favorita de los 00s por cómo armas un outfit de Aeropostale

¿Eras más fan de 'Malcolm el de en medio' o de 'Smallville'?

Republicans Just Voted To Ask Trump To #ReleaseTheMemo. Here's What You Need To Know.

The House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to make public a memo that questions the integrity of the Trump-Russia investigation. Here's what that memo is about.

19 sentimentos que mulheres competitivas entendem bem


17 Memes que NO entenderás si tu hermana y tú no se llevan

Tienen poderes telepáticos y prácticamente comparten clóset.

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Because Tom Hanks Is Gonna Play Mister Rogers

The upcoming biopic You Are My Friend is inspired by the friendship between the beloved children's TV host and journalist Tom Junod.

The "Celebrity Big Brother" Cast Was Just Announced And I Honestly Don't Know What To Say

Pretty much just Dancing With the Stars and Apprentice leftovers, TBH.

A Top News Editor Was Fired After Sexual Harassment Allegations — Only To Land As An Executive In The Same Industry

Dayan Candappa, who was accused of sexually harassing his subordinate at Reuters for months, has been placed on leave by Newsweek pending an investigation.

It's Time To Ask Lupita Nyong'o Your Most Burning Fan Questions

The Black Panther star is READY for 'em!

We Don't Know How Many Rapes Happen In The US Each Year. These Lawmakers Want To Fix That.

"It's abundantly clear that reliable data can play a key role in strengthening efforts to combat sexual violence," said Sen. Claire McCaskill, a sponsor of the bipartisan bill.

12 Puns You'll Only Get If You Also Speak Spanish

They'll make you go, "Jajajaja!"

23 Thoughtful And Fun Birthday Gift Ideas That Are All Less Than $20

Bookmark this list because it's always someone's birthday.

Koch Donors Don’t Love Trump, But They Love The Trump Administration

“If I had gone into a coma two years ago and woke up today and just read what has been accomplished, I’d be thrilled.”

The Cleveland Indians Will Remove The Controversial Chief Wahoo Logo From Their Uniforms In 2019

MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred said the Native American caricature "is no longer appropriate for on-field use."

Choose Some Makeup And We'll Guess Your Strongest Personality Traits

Are you mysterious as the dark side of the moon?

Es FALSO que no podrás votar en 2018 si tu credencial es del IFE y no del INE

Avísale a tu tía y a tu mamá que esa cadenita de WhatsApp es falsa y que sí se puede votar con la credencial del IFE mientras esté vigente.

13 frases que irritam demais as mulheres pistola

Nunca na história alguém se acalmou depois de ouvir a frase "se acalme".

You Can Elevate Native Americans Without Tokenizing Them

Opinion: Native women took the lead at Women's Marches across the country this month. Some say the result was "a theater of performative listening."

Okay But You Guys, Remember The 2008 Grammys??

Three words: Hey There Delilah.

Hay un cachito que habla de sexo EN UNA CANCIÓN DE MULÁN

Los guerreros también necesitan un poco de amor.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on exercise ball chairs, retro sofa beds, ballpoint pens, and more!

Who Gets A Happily Ever After In 2018?

Romance fans have long loved the genre for its unapologetic celebration of female power and sexuality. Now more and more writers are beginning to consider the ways in which their work can offer not just a happy ending, but a powerful statement.

Lorde Didn't Get A Solo Grammys Performance, But She Got The Last Laugh

The New Zealand pop star was the only Album of the Year nominee who wasn't asked to perform solo.

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Lord & Taylor, Glasses Shop, The Kooples, and more!

Estas 5 preguntas te dirán qué tan adicto eres a Netflix

Todo depende del maratón que hiciste este fin de semana.

14 memes que podem virar a fantasia perfeita pro seu carnaval

Um guia completo de como estar por dentro das tendências durante os blocos.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Is Stepping Down Earlier Than Expected

The circumstance of McCabe's sudden departure suggests he was asked to leave, according to a longtime FBI employment lawyer.

Estas son todas las celebridades que usaron una rosa blanca en los Grammys de este año

Se usaron en apoyo a los movimientos #MeToo y Time's Up.

15 Bullet Journal Ideas Kung Hindi Ka Busy

Start 2018 right with a bullet journal aka BuJoy!

14 Fotos von Menschen, denen du niemals trauen solltest

Wie kann man so die Kontrolle über sein Leben verlieren?

11 pessoas contam como começaram a se exercitar longe da academia

Rugby, longboard e circo são apenas algumas das opções.

The 25 Best Slippers You Can Get On Amazon

Your feet will thank you.

Este quiz te dirá a qué integrante de Kabah te pareces más

¿Eres más Federica, Apio o María José?

Cristiane Brasil se defendeu do jeito MAIS DOIDO já feito por uma (quase) ministra

Mais maluco do que uma ministra do Trabalho condenada na Justiça do Trabalho, só um vídeo de defesa feita num barco em meio a quatro marombados. Ao BuzzFeed Brasil ela afirmou que a gravação foi editada fora do contexto.

Kate Winslet Expresses "Bitter Regret" Over Some Of Her Career Choices In The Wake Of The #MeToo Movement

"While it rests with the rule of law to pass judgement, it lies with all of us to listen to the smallest of voices and to never stop listening," Winslet said in a speech on Sunday.

People Are Horrified With LuLaRoe For Standing By A Retailer Who Mocked Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society has severed ties with the retailer after the company refused to fire a seller who mocked people with mental disabilities in a video.

O rato tomando banho está REALMENTE tomando banho?

Especialistas tentam esclarecer o que realmente está acontecendo no vídeo em que a vida IMITOU a arte.

17 Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Say, "Damn, I Never Knew That"

Here's what it's really like inside everyday things, via r/mildlyinteresting.

Mark Ruffalo Weighed In On Why More Men Aren't Speaking Up About Sexual Misconduct

"I think maybe they're afraid of being accused," Ruffalo told BuzzFeed News. "I think they may be afraid of feeling like they didn't do enough or say enough."

Toronto Police Charged Alleged Serial Killer Bruce McArthur With Three More Murders

Police say McArthur hid the remains of victims in large planters.

27 krass absurde Wahrheiten, die deinen Geist blasen

(Ja, sorry, da steht "Geist blasen".)

This Is What It's Like To Have A Baby When You're An MP

As Harriet Harman forces a vote on "baby leave", new parent MPs tell BuzzFeed News about the pressure they faced to come back to work too soon.

14 Momentos bastante incómodos de los Grammys 2018

Como Blue Ivy regañando a Beyoncé y Jay Z.

Jeff Sessions Is Making Congress Mad With His Pot Policy, And It May Backfire

“It has awakened a sleeping giant,” Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told BuzzFeed News.

This Valentine's Day, Name A Cockroach After Your Lover

"Darling, this is Chad, your own personal cockroach.

19 Pet Owners Who Were So Extra It's Actually Inspiring

Can you really call yourself a pet owner if you've never thrown a quinceañera for your cat?

What's Your Favorite Book That Was Adapted Into A Film?

Tell us which novel you loved on the big screen.

What Rather Crap TV Show Would You Recommend People Watch Right Now?

Send us your suggestions. This is a no-judgment zone.

13 Arten, Deutschland zu teilen

Deutschland: die geteilte Nation.

19 Celebrity Books That Are Actually Worth Reading

Behind the scenes with the rich and famous.

This Is Why Harriet Harman Wants To Stop Rape Complainants Being Questioned On Their Sexual History

"I think what you have here is a battle between the actual reality that women are facing and those who are seeking to defend the system in a way which is completely indefensible," Harman told BuzzFeed News.

If You Can Get 7/12 On This Dad Joke Quiz, You Are 100% Dad

This quiz takes dad jokes very, very seriously.

Esto es todo lo que te perdiste de los premios Grammy 2018

Si no los viste, te ponemos al día.

A Painful Anniversary Raises Uncomfortable Truths

A year after the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, I'm more afraid than hopeful.

16 Of The Best Makeup Brushes And Sets You Can Get At Walmart

From powder to eyeliner brushes, we got you!

17 Dinge, die du bestimmt noch nicht über Stripperinnen gewusst hast

Eine ehemalige Stripperin hat mit uns über ihre Erfahrungen im Stripclub gesprochen. Sie sagt: Fürs Strippen brauchst du vor allem dicke ... Haut.

These Lawmakers Want Det. Guevara’s Cases Reviewed Right Away

Following BuzzFeed News’ reporting on the 56 people who say Detective Reynaldo Guevara framed them for murder, Illinois lawmakers say those cases should be revisited as quickly as possible. “The notion of anybody spending time behind bars for something they did not do because of a rogue cop is unconscionable.”

Zayn Wore A Pink Suit To The Grammys And I Now Can't Stand Up For Obvious Reasons

Frame a picture of Zayn in pink and put it in the Louvre tbh.

Three Ukrainian Investigations Into Manafort Deals Are Stalled By US Officials

After agreeing to help Ukraine's prosecutors investigate corruption, US authorities are accused of refusing to turn over interviews with a critical witness — the indicted former Trump adviser Paul Manafort.

Everyone's Either A Grace Or A Frankie, Which One Are You?

Which CEO of the Vibrator Empire are you?

Já temos a primeira imagem "o melhor do Brasil é o brasileiro" de 2018

SIM, é um gato de óculos escuros numa moto.

Here's What Was Happening Backstage At The 2018 Grammys

Pink's daughter fangirling over Rihanna is all of us, TBH.

Die unglaubliche Geschichte, wie Norman über Twitter seinen Vater suchte — und dann sogar fand

„Ich schwöre - diesen Moment werde ich im Leben nicht mehr vergessen.”



26 Places Interior Designers Love To Shop

Interior designers spill their best sources for furnishings and home decor.

This Senator Wants The Government To Measure How Sexual Harassment Harms Women’s Financial Security

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand sent a letter to the Labor Department saying workers who experienced sexual harassment were more likely to experience financial stress than those who didn’t — and as a result, they were 6.5 times more likely to change jobs.

22 fotos que demuestran que la naturaleza da miedo

*Se queda en casa para siempre*

Kendall Jenner Roasted The Hell Out Of Scott Disick And Sofia Richie's Relationship

None of the Kardashians had commented on his relationship with 19 year-old Sofia – until now.

Si vous faites plus de 14 à ce test sur les slogans de pubs, vous regardez vraiment trop la télé

Si juvabien, c'est Juvamine. Si juvabien, c'est Juvamine. Si juvabien, c'est juvamine.

People Are Loving The Feminist Statement Lorde Made With Her Grammys Dress

"My version of a white rose – THE APOCALYPSE WILL BLOSSOM."

What Money-Saving Beauty Tip Do You Swear By?

For when you love makeup but are short on money.

6 recettes très différentes pour faire des crêpes

Pour la chandeleur et pour toutes les fois où vous rêvez de crêpes !

21 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Wardrobe

"It's designer." —me, lying about my stylish new Walmart threads

Los eurofans extranjeros están muy cabreados porque Operación Triunfo termina TARDÍSIMO

Yo me quedé hasta las 2 de la mañana viendo OT y no lloré, Aitana, no lloré.

32 Incredible Pictures Of India From Over 100 Years Ago Vs. Now

Although our culturally rich and diverse heritage has been preserved, even refurbished in some cases, some things never change.

23 Bilder, die 90% aller Menschen niemals verstehen werden

Sie werden nie den Schmerz von Linkshändern nachvollziehen können.

Ist bei dir alles okay?

Mach einfach diesen Test.

How Well Do You Know These Exotic Fruits?

These are all worth trying!

25 Tweets That Basically Sum Up The Premiere Of "Married At First Sight"

"Dean and Tracey's wedding will be fine – it'll be the first morning together when he asks her for his coffee, pipe, and slippers that'll test her."

24 Fotos, die nicht erklärt werden müssen. Sie sind einfach nur lustig.

Ich sage nichts - die Bilder sprechen ganz klar für sich selbst.



23 Lip-Smacking Dishes That Should Convince You To Visit North East India

'Cause there's more to North East Indian cuisine than just momos.

El trabajo a tiempo completo de esta madre es publicar en Instagram y así es como funciona

Mila Stauffer tiene solo 3 años, pero ya tiene más de 3 millones de seguidores en Instagram. Sus fans se han reunido en Beverly Hills para conocerla, algunos la paran por la calle. Y las grandes empresas le pagan a su madre por anuncios.

この曲の発売は何年前? 記憶力年齢テスト








タンカーが日本の排他的経済水域に沈没 油流出の影響は?


19 Dinge, die man wissen sollte, bevor man in einem Kleinbus durch Australien fährt.

Die großartige Australien-Autoreise ist einfach eins dieser Dinge, die man tun muss.

Eat A Bunch Of Food And We'll Reveal Which Hogwarts House You Were Destined To Be In

The sorting hat needed a vacation, so here's the next best thing.

Flash Briefing For January 29, 2018

Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power, an attack in Kabul, Jay-Z and Trump beef, and the things you need to know about the Grammys.

Vice-Chancellors Are Enjoying A Combined Tax Cut Of More Than $500,000 From The Turnbull Government

Twelve university vice-chancellors currently earn more than $1 million a year.

33 Tweets que resumen todo lo que pasó en los Grammy 2018

No ganó "Despacito", pero sí Bruno Mars. Mucho Bruno Mars.

40 pensamentos que tivemos vendo o Grammy 2018

"O que que o Bruno Mars tá fazendo óculos escuros nesse lugar fechado e sem sinal de luz do sol?"

A Rihanna botou pra quebrar no palco do Grammy 2018

Ela se superou na apresentação da música "Wild Thoughts," ao lado do DJ Khaled.

14 Suuuuper Awkward Moments From The Grammys

LOL @ Blue Ivy scolding Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Estas são as celebridades que usaram uma rosa branca no Grammy 2018

A flor simbolizava o apoio às campanhas #MeToo e Time's Up, contra o abuso e o assédio sexual.

Swizz Beatz y Alicia Keys lucharon por la igualdad en los Grammy con una frase de Benito Juárez

La pareja mostró su apoyo a los Dreamers con un abrigo que tenía la icónica frase del ex presidente mexicano.

The Australian Government Has Been Ordered To Release Tony Abbott's Letters To The Queen

And letters from other PMs, because she's still our head of state, and it won't damage foreign relations.

SZA Lost All Five Of The Grammys She Was Nominated For, So People Are Furious And Confused

SZA was the most nominated female artist of 2018, with a total of five Grammy nominations, but she didn't win a single award.

Janelle Monáe Gave A Powerful Speech About Sexual Harassment At The Grammys

"It's not just going on in Hollywood, it's not just going on in Washington — it's right here in our industry as well."



Here Are The Celebrities Who Wore A White Rose To This Year's Grammy Awards

The white roses showed support for #MeToo and Time's Up.

16 Ways That Waiters Are Different From All The Regular People Out There

It's a life of tips, tricks, and...well, ideally, more tips.

How “Star Trek” Took On Trumpism This Season

"It's such a horribly, unbelievably divisive time — to be part of a story that explores that makes it a very unusual experience." Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS.

Os fãs da Lady Gaga e da Kesha estão putos com o Ed Sheeran

O cantor ganhou todos os prêmios nas categorias que elas estavam concorrendo no Grammy 2018.

From The White House To "Celebrity Big Brother": Omarosa's Next Move

The former Apprentice villain and presidential adviser to Donald Trump who left the White House last month will be a cast member on the first American version of the reality show Celebrity Big Brother.

12 Recent Songs That Prove We're Basically Living In 1995

Prepare to feel a wave of nostalgic sounds.

Which Jonas Brothers Song Should You Make Love To Tonight?

Get your man to last ~a little bit longer~ tonight. ;)))

The Way The Labor Party Deals With The Issue Of Abortion Could Change Forever

"The free vote prevents Labor from uniting to protect and advance reproductive health care."

O Grammy era assim nos anos 2000

Uma década estilosa, para dizer o mínimo.

21 Faces All Children Of Divorce Will Recognize

As told by your favorite shows and movies.

Estos son todos los look del los Grammy 2018

Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga y Lana Del Rey robaron todas las miradas en la alfombra roja.

Estes são os principais vencedores do Grammy 2018

Bruno Mars ganhou Álbum do Ano, Gravação do Ano, Música do Ano e mais quatro prêmios. Ed Sheeran e Kendrick Lamar também levaram prêmios.

Esta es la razón por las que las celebridades llevaron rosas blancas a los Grammy

Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith y otras celebridades utilizaron el mismo accesorio en la alfombra roja.

Can You Go 7 For7 On This Fruit Puzzle Quiz?

Do you have an eye for details?

20 Truths Only Astrology Buffs Understand

"Hey, uh, so what time were you born?"

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