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    Mariah Carey Is A Genius Who Realizes The Power Of A Good Meme

    When life doesn't give you tea, turn it into coins!

    So, as you probably already know, Mariah Carey made her triumphant return to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on New Years Eve, after having a less than stellar performance in 2016.

    Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

    And while she knocked it out of the park — shutting down the haters — there was one MAJOR hiccup: somebody forgot to set out the hot tea that was promised to her!

    Mariah Carey asking for hot tea during her NYE performance

    But, Mariah, being the legendary qween that she is, was able to power through her performance sans her hot tea. She later took to Twitter and Instagram to let it be known that she finally got her tea.

    Of course, Mariah's tea-mergency instantly took Twitter by storm:

    The first time life throws you a curve in 2018 just remember: Mariah Carey made it through without her hot tea. Y…

    Mariah Carey asking for some hot tea is going to be a crucial part of memes for the next eternity.

    honestly, best way to sum up 2017: “They told me I would get my hot tea. What a disaster.” -Mariah Carey

    Even Mariah recognized it's become a thing, which lead her to doing the only sensible and brilliant thing...

    Are they serving tea here? #GoldenGlobes

    ...create a merchandise line around it! The line includes three T-shirts.

    And, of course, a mug. You know, to hold your hot tea.

    Now if Mariah would only bless us with the one thing missing in our lives: an "I Don't Know Her" merch line!

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