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January 30, 2018

11 Things Anyone With A Black Thumb Will Understand

"Un-killable"? Challenge accepted.

An Australian Migration Agent Has Been Linked To An "Inherently Suspicious" $200,000 Transaction

Supreme Court justice Lucy McCallum described the circumstances leading up to the transaction as "highly suspicious".

Richard Spencer Said He Couldn't Find A Lawyer To Defend Him Against A Lawsuit About The Violence In Charlottesville

The prominent white nationalist is representing himself in arguing for dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Charlottesville residents and counterprotesters who say they were harmed by the "Unite the Right" rally and events surrounding it in August 2017.

An Ammo Dealer Has Been Identified As A Second Person Of Interest In The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

"I am the guy who sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock," he said after court documents unsealed Tuesday identified the Arizona man.

27 Books You'll Want To Read Next To The Fire This Winter

Books so good, you'll want to stay inside to finish them!!

Así es la vida con un roomie insoportable

Ese que nunca lava un solo plato y se roba tu comida.

What's The Craziest Celebrity Fact You've Ever Heard?

Did you know that Joaquin Phoenix grew up in a cult?

The DJ Who Groped Taylor Swift Has Landed A New Job

Additionally, David Mueller's new on-air name is inspired by a Confederate general.

A College Tennis Player Was Suspended For Telling His Black Opponent "At Least I Know My Dad"

College student John Wilson IV posted the exchange on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. On Tuesday, Appalachian State University also suspended its tennis coach.

The Head Of The EPA Just Proposed A “War On Lead” At His Rowdy Oversight Hearing

EPA head Scott Pruitt proposed a “war on lead” at his first Senate oversight hearing, while Democrats took shots. “Can I assume, like all decent Americans, that you did not find Morocco, a North African nation, to be a ‘shithole’ when you visited?” asked one senator.

Why Sunayana Dumala Is Attending The State Of The Union Address

Dumala is the widow of an Indian-born engineer killed in an alleged hate crime in Olathe, Kansas, last year. She is bringing a message of unity as she joins Kansas Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder at President Trump’s first State of the Union speech.

25 Dark And Disturbing Pictures From LA's Criminal Underworld

Journey into the dark, seedy underbelly of Los Angeles's criminal past. WARNING: Viewers may find some images disturbing.

Can You See All 7 Numbers In These Images?

How well do you see sliiiiightly different colors?

Labour Will Try To Force The Government To Publish Its Secret Brexit Analysis

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer will use a vote on Wednesday to compel ministers to release the economic projections leaked to BuzzFeed News.

A Car-Sharing Service Says It Was Hacked By Someone Who Wanted Free Rides

But GoGet was told by NSW Police to keep it under wraps until just now.

24 Custom Valentine's Day Gifts From Personal Creations That Everyone Will Love

Will they love these gifts even more because their name is on them? Yep. Most definitely.

17 Memes que te van a recordar mucho a tu amigo el stalker

Su peor miedo en la vida es que se le escape un like en una publicación de hace cinco años.

19 Songs That Are Old Enough To Start School This Year

Uhhhh how is "Radioactive" five years old?!

STJ nega pedido de Lula que tentava evitar prisão

Defesa do ex-presidente apresentou um “HC preventivo” para tentar evitar que Lula fosse preso após TRF-4 julgar recursos contra sua condenação de 12 anos de detenção.

27 Hilarious Tweets From This Month That Deserve Like A Million More Retweets

"We went to the planetarium today and when the voiceover said 'this is the earth' one of the kids booed."

After Diddy Cropped Kendall And Kylie Jenner Out Of A Photo, He's Just Done It Again

The "Diddy Crop" is back and it's more savage than before.

28 Cheeky Pieces Of Lingerie From Torrid That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Torrid is having a "sexy" sale and now I just wanna listen to JT sing about how he's bringing sexy back.

How To Deal With Bad News From Afghanistan: Just Keep It Secret

The agency that Congress created to track progress on the war in Afghanistan accused the Pentagon Tuesday of blocking the release of metrics it's published in previous years.





35 New Beauty Products That Will Make You Click *Add To Cart*

So many gorgeous releases and not enough heart-eye emojis in the world to convey your excitement!

17 Berrilicious Valentine's Day Gifts To Get At Shari's Berries

A selection of delicious candies and treats for your valentine!

Pick Your Favorite Things And Find Out Where You Should Go Shopping

When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I go shop till I drop!

17 imagens que mostram a diferença entre as festinhas de criança de hoje e as suas

Pra começar que era tudo feito à mão com muita cola e papel crepom.

The Most Daring Movies Made By Women May Not Be Coming To A Theater Near You

At this year's Sundance Film Festival, everyone waited for the #MeToo moment to lead to money on the table for women directors.

Uma HQ narra a chacina de fiscais que combatiam o trabalho escravo

Spoiler: fazendeiro e empresário condenados como mandantes estão soltos.

Halifax Is Removing A Statue Of Its Racist Founder

Edward Cornwallis issued a bounty for Mi'kmaq scalps.

People Are Screaming About Skin Care In Response To This Article Titled "The Skincare Con"


Poetry: "Trophy"

What did Chuck really bring home from the lake?

Answer These Five Questions And We'll Reveal Which "Call Me By Your Name" Character You Are

“But to feel nothing so as not to feel anything -- what a waste!”

When It Comes To Language, Broadcasters Increasingly Don't Give A Fuck

Syfy and USA now allow the f-word without muting, to the delight of show creators.

Twitter Is Sending More Clicks To Publishers As Facebook Sends Fewer, New Data Show

Facebook is now sending just 2.5 visitors to publishers’ sites per post for every one visitor Twitter sends. Twitter is becoming a more valuable tool for the news business as Facebook overhauls its feed.

A Republican Congressman Wants Undocumented Immigrants At The State Of The Union To Be Arrested

Twenty-five undocumented immigrants have been invited to President Trump's speech, but Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona wants them arrested and deported if they show up.

Everything You Need To Watch The 2018 Super Bowl

Including where to watch, how to watch, and who the heck is playing.

Only 9 Stores In All Of Nova Scotia Will Sell Weed Once It's Legal

It's going to be a bit of a drive for some people.

Can You Guess Which Artist Has This On Their Tour Rider?

Your favorite artists at the Grammy Awards put you to the test.

Este quiz de logos de la NFL es solo para expertos

Alteramos un poquito el logo de los 32 equipos. ¿Puedes diferenciar entre el falso y el real?

First There Was The Memo. Then #ReleaseTheMemo. Now We Need #ReleaseTheMemoMemo.

The two Democrats demanded that Twitter explain whether Russian bots helped boost a controversial Republican hashtag. But they've declined to make Twitter's explanation public.

Mark Salling, ator da série "Glee", é encontrado morto enquanto aguardava sentença por caso de pornografia infantil

A causa da morte ainda não foi divulgada. O ator receberia a sentença pelo crime em março deste ano.

Você acha que o Kaysar do “BBB18” está enganando todo mundo?

Você decide: ele é bobo ou faz os outros de bobo???

Presidente de associação de juízes que defendeu Bretas também recebe auxílio-moradia dobrado

O juiz federal Fabrício Fernandes é casado com juíza e ambos recebem o benefício. Ele disse que juízes estão há cinco anos sem receber aumentos e que há uma campanha contra a magistratura.

Mark Salling de 'Glee' fue hallado muerto mientras esperaba su sentencia por cargos de pornografía infantil

La causa de su muerte no se supo inmediatamente. El actor sería sentenciado en marzo.

Women In Iran Are Protesting Against Wearing The Headscarf

One of Iran’s leading human rights lawyers advised the government “to recognize the right of women to control their bodies and choose their clothes” as the movement began to spread across social media.

It Turns Out Every Parent Is Wondering The Same Things About "PAW Patrol"

"I've always felt there had been a terrible incident with fire and rescue leading to most of the town folk being incinerated."

The Employee Who Sent The False Missile Alert Has Been Fired And Hawaii's Emergency Administrator Has Resigned

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator took "full responsibility" and resigned Tuesday, while the employee who sent the missile alert has been fired.

Do You Fall In Love Too Easily?

Is your love life always getting you into trouble?

27 Life-Saving Products That'll Keep Your Kids Occupied During A Snow Day

Now even *parents* can get psyched about a snow day.

Facebook Is Banning Cryptocurrency And Initial Coin Offering Ads

Say goodbye to ads like “Use your retirement funds to buy bitcoin!”

This Small-Town Mayor Is Blocking Scientists From Testing The Town’s Water Wells

Residents of Denmark, South Carolina, called a prominent scientist to test their brown and smelly water. But the mayor won’t allow access to the town’s wells.

Apple Confirms "Some Government Agencies" Are Probing iPhone Slowdown

"We have received questions from some government agencies and we are responding to them."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on insulated lunch totes, rotating kitchen utensil sets, sunrise simulation alarm clocks, and more!

Plan A Romantic Date And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Valentine

Choose your fighter: flowers or chocolates.

18 Jokes About The FBI Spying On People That Will Make You Laugh Then Feel Super Paranoid

The FBI agent watching me through my laptop: "Really, another night of eating chicken nuggets and rewatching Vine compilations?"

The “Super Blue Blood Moon” Is Coming Wednesday Morning. Here’s What You Need To Know.

The last time this happened was Dec. 30, 1982. You’ll have to get up early to see it, and views will be best in the western half of the US.

This Is Why Israel And Poland Are Fighting About The Holocaust

Polish nationalists say anti-Semitism has been used to shame Poland, but historians and Jewish leaders say they're trying to censor the truth about the Holocaust.

Andrea Tantaros Says Roger Ailes Had Secret Surveillance Of Fox News Women Changing

The former Fox News star is suing her former employer, alleging they harassed and surveilled her.

Can You Score A 6/10 On This General TV Knowledge Quiz?

What is Leslie Knope's favorite food?

Facebook Isn't Playing Along With Silicon Valley's Humble New Look

Microsoft learned to take government seriously in Washington in the late 1990s, Google in Brussels in the 2000s. Facebook still hasn't learned from its elders' mistakes.

Tell Us What You Judged Parents For Before You Had Kids

Oh hilarious, naive, childless you.

10 Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Work Life

Because sometimes it gets to be way too much.

Amazon Is Launching A Health Care Company With JPMorgan And Berkshire Hathaway

Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway said they will create an independent health care company that will use technology to offer their employees care at a reasonable cost.

What Book Will You Never Read?

This is a safe space.

8 Amazing Actors You Don’t Know Now But Will Be Talking About A Lot Soon

From eighth-grade girls to skateboarding showboats to struggling gay teenagers, these actors and their roles wowed audiences at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival — and promise to keep audiences buzzing all year.

All The Times The Brexit Minister Warned MPs Against Trusting Government Forecasts

Steve Baker was called to the House of Commons after the government's economic projections for Brexit were leaked to BuzzFeed News. He used the opportunity to criticise the accuracy of economic projections.

The Family Of A Murder Victim Whose Killing Was Shared Online Is Suing Facebook

The victim's family is claiming the company acted negligently in not using its data-mining abilities to warn police of threats being made on the platform.

D'après une note confidentielle, le Royaume-Uni va fortement pâtir du Brexit

Info BuzzFeed News : L'économie de toutes les régions du pays et de quasiment tous les secteurs va se détériorer, quelle que soit l'issue des négociations sur la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne.

Ce rouleau de viande bœuf-jambon-bacon est le repas parfait des carnivores

Trois viandes différentes dans un seul et même rouleau.

18 Daughters Who Drunk Texted Their Moms In The Most Awkward Way Possible

They're all going to want to pretend this didn't happen in the morning.

Alessia Cara Shut Down Everyone Saying She Didn't Deserve "Best New Artist" In The Purest Way

"I will not let everything I’ve worked for be diminished by people taking offense to my accomplishments."

25 Beweise, dass RTL die … ähh … besten Untertitel schreibt

Kommt vor allem drauf an, auf welcher Seite du davon sitzt.

9 Bücher, die Eltern von Babys und Kleinkindern den Arsch retten

Ja, du bekommst dein Kind auch ohne diese Bücher groß. Aber sie geben dir ein gutes Gefühl und erleichtern dir das Leben!

This Holy Grail CC Cream Is Worth Every Damn Penny

The search for the perfect foundation ends here.

Critics And Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over "Black Panther"

The reviews are in: Black Panther is incredible, at least according to the few people who've been chosen to see it.

People Are Screaming Over This Interaction Between Demi Lovato And Henry Cavill

"Honestly unbelievable and deeply inspirational Instagram game."

Can Bruno Mars Live?

The backlash to Mars' big win at the Grammys highlights the way his unapologetic corniness runs counter to expectations for how “cool” artists should express themselves.

Ser esta senhora é nossa expectativa para o carnaval do futuro

"Fica com Deus, porque comigo não vai rolar."

Nicole Eggert Detailed Her Abuse Allegations Against Scott Baio, Her Former "Charles In Charge" Costar

Eggert said Baio took advantage of her youth and his senior position on the show when he began sexually abusing her when she was 14 and he was in his mid-twenties. Baio has vehemently denied her claims.

Comment le silence de Kylie Jenner sur sa grossesse rompt avec la tradition Kardashian

Presque tout ce qui concerne cette grossesse, depuis l'absence d'annonce à l'utilisation de Kylie des réseaux sociaux, est sans précédent.

Cast A Classic Movie And We'll Give You A Classic Musical To Watch Tonight

"A kiss on the hand might be quite continental."

16 geniale Ikea-Hacks, die jedes Kinderzimmer schöner und gemütlicher machen

Mit diesen cleveren Tricks kannst du Ikea-Möbel für dein Kind ganz einfach aufmotzen.

20 livros incríveis com mulheres fortes como protagonistas

O melhor: todos eles já têm versão em português.

Depois de sofrer pressão, Doria afrouxa as regras para Uber

Agora, o limite de idade da frota de carros vai saltar de cinco para oito anos, como ocorre com os táxis. A medida já foi informada aos motoristas de aplicativos.

11 Cooking Hacks That Are Total BS

Don't waste your time on these.

We Know Your Age Based On How Many Of These Food Trends You've Tried

Are you all about chia puddings and cloud eggs?

16 Times People On Tumblr Were Seriously Funny About "Mean Girls"

"When attractive people compliment me on things I get suspicious because remember when Regina George complimented that one girl on her skirt."

Trump Administration Admits It Cribbed From Forbes Magazine To Create “Oligarch List”

The revelation is likely to invite criticism that a congressionally mandated list designed to punish Russia for interfering in the US election was put together haphazardly.

Este quiz te dirá qué personaje de '31 minutos' eres

¿Te pareces a Tulio o eres más como Juan Carlos Bodoque?

22 photos qui prouvent la nature est sacrément effrayante

Je ne sortirai plus jamais de chez moi.

18 WTF Things People Have Done At Work That'll Make You Scream "FIRE THEM!"

"At a call center — with shared cubicles as far as the eye could see — I had a coworker who changed her pad under her desk."

13 Clapbacks For The People Who Care Too Much About Your Weight

"I'd rather be fat than shallow." (The Queen Mother Lady Gaga, 2014)

32 Things From Target That'll Make You Want To Redecorate Your Home

Because you can't marry Target... but you can move in together.

21 maneras sencillas de decorar tu librería para que parezca sacada de Pinterest

El saber sí ocupa lugar. Y por eso hay que organizarlo.

Tell Us Your Physical Therapy Recovery Story

Let's help motivate people currently going through physical therapy.

A Woman Was Filmed Moments Before Her Death Naming Her Alleged Killer After She Was Shot For Refusing To Marry Him

Asma Rani was shot three times outside her home in Kohat, northern Pakistan. Her family believe she named her attacker moments before her death and are demanding justice.

I Tried Bullet Journalling For A Year, And Here's What I Learned

You might not be able to do it every day, BUT THAT IS OKAY.

24 recetas facilísimas para hacer sándwiches deliciosos cuando no te apetezca cocinar

¿Quién dijo que cenar sándwiches tenía que ser cutre?

31 Notebooks That'll Make You Start Journaling Again

Stop typing, start writing. Like, with a pen or pencil.

The President Of The Grammys Told Women To "Step Up" And Pink Was Not Here For It

"Women in music don't need to "step up" – women have been stepping up since the beginning of time."


They attacc, they protecc, but most importantly, they relaccccccc.

Ele construiu um império com o Angry Birds. Agora, quer ir para debaixo da terra — literalmente

Após acumular bilhões de downloads com seu game de sucesso, Peter Vesterbacka — o pai do Angry Birds — quer construir o túnel submarino mais extenso do mundo.

Antes de pedir para um amigo tirar a sua foto, mande ele ler este post

Porque se fosse pra tirar foto bosta, a gente mesmo tirava.

15 Imágenes de la caída de aguanieve en la CDMX

Las bajas temperaturas continuarán, así que mejor abrígate bien.

Trump’s White House Would Like A "Thank You" From Black Voters In 2020

Over the last few weeks, Trump has repeatedly talked up unemployment numbers — particularly black unemployment numbers, which seems like an attempt (very unlikely to succeed) to win back some black voters.

Can A School Ban Its Students From Kneeling During The National Anthem?

With the Super Bowl days away, one high school quarterback is taking a stand for free speech.

En hommage au Lab d'Europe 1, petit ange parti trop tôt

Le seul site à avoir fait parler Jean-Marie Le Pen d'un «doigt dans l'anus».

Rose McGowan Credits Twitter With Giving Her A Platform In Her First TV Interview Since The Weinstein Exposé

"It's nice being able to speak for myself," she said. "Pre-Twitter there was no way to speak for myself."

What Snacks Do You Eat Watching The State Of The Union Address?

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, January 30.

If You've Cried At 23/30 Of These Movies, You're Emotional AF

Your emotional outburst is appreciated.

14 Literary Gifts You Can Get For Your Book-Loving Friends

The best way to a bookworm's heart is by gifting them one of these.

Esta frase é de uma criança ou um serial killer?

Este teste é mais difícil do que parece.

10 fotos arrepiantes que mostram o horror do aborto ilegal

Laia Abril usa fotografias e textos para compartilhar histórias reais sobre como, historicamente, as mulheres têm feito abortos sem acesso a métodos legais e seguros.

Adele Has Dressed Up As Dolly Parton And, Holy Hell, She Looks Amazing

Dolly and Adele, please do a record together.

13 Times Farida Jalal Was The Maternal Figure You Wish You Had In Your Life

She is kind. She is strong. She is important. She is India's perennial sweetheart.

Choose Some Classic Novels And We'll Tell You Who You Are At Your Core

The Catcher in the Rye or Pride and Prejudice?

Trump Says Guantanamo Bay Will Stay Open, Calls For Unity In First State Of The Union

Trump touted his national security and economic initiatives during his 80-minute address to Congress Tuesday.



24 choses qu'on jette souvent en faisant la cuisine alors qu'il y a plein de bonnes choses à faire avec

Du bouillon avec les carcasses de viande, de poisson ou de crustacés par exemple !

I Watched That Softcore Short Film Ram Gopal Varma Directed And, Ya, I'm Done With Porn Now

While we were all losing it over Padmaavat, RGV slyly released a feminist documentary where a naked porn star reads out anal fantasies.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a cereal dispenser, waterproof speaker, and caffeinated gum.

What Couple Habit Did You Think Was Totally Normal, And Then Realised Was Weird?

Did you think everyone else also shared a toothbrush?

Tell Us About Your Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Encounter

Don't worry, you can tell us. We're all friends here.

Pack ein Brot voll Hühnchen und Parmesan und zack - lecker Abendessen

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

All The Best Deals On Jet Today

Deals on a GoPro, a Dyson vacuum, a Himalayan salt lamp, and more!

【激ムズ】 #名古屋人にしか解けないクイズ


Zara Is Selling Lungis For £69 (Nice) Because White People, Amirite?

Chennai Express finally isn't the worst thing to happen to lungis anymore.

Te doy permiso para reírte de estas 18 personas

Mejor ellos que yo, francamente.

This Minister Reckons Publishing The Leaked Brexit Analysis Wouldn’t Be In The National Interest

Steve Baker played down a new Brexit impact assessment, leaked to BuzzFeed News, which says leaving the EU will adversely hit almost every sector and every UK region.

21 imágenes que capturan los horrores del Holocausto

El 27 de enero fue el Día Internacional de Conmemoración en Memoria de las Víctimas del Holocausto. "Olvidar no solo sería peligroso, sino también ofensivo; olvidar a los muertos sería como volver a asesinarlos por segunda vez". —Elie Wiesel

A High-Profile Japanese Newscaster Has Stepped Down Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Junichi Tosaka, a veteran newscaster in Japan with over 20 years experience, has removed himself from Prime News.

Puerto Ricans Want Trump To Tell The Truth About The Hurricane Recovery In His State Of The Union

“I would like him to stop talking about things the way he sees them, and to talk about them the way they really are instead.”

Uber's Indian Rival Ola Is Launching In Australia

Uber currently dominates Australia but competition is nipping at its heels.

クラブ「青山蜂」摘発に波紋 水曜日のカンパネラ、コムアイも思い吐露


Which Character From "The Good Place" Are You?

Are you more Eleanor or Chidi?

Flash Briefing For January 30, 2018

The economic cost of sexual harassment, Sessions’s anti-pot stance is backfiring, and LuLaRoe’s latest PR debacle.

9 Surreal "Would You Rather" Questions That'll Really Make Ya Think

You don't need to be a stoner to ponder these questions, but it wouldn't hurt.

Sydney Trains Can Silence Its Workers But It Can't Silence Social Media

As confusion surrounds just what, exactly, is going wrong with the NSW transport system, social media is sparking up with solutions.

Foursquare, Pokémon Go, And Now Fitbit – The US Military's Struggle With Popular Apps Is Not New

In its ongoing struggle to keep its activities off the grid, the US military is now reviewing whether soldiers' fitness trackers give away too much sensitive information.

Women Have Shared Their Stories Of Being Paid Less Than Men At The BBC

"When I asked for the pay gap to be corrected the line manager told me 'The BBC doesn't do equal pay,' and that in raising the issue I was being aggressive."

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