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17 Food Recipe Videos That Took Things Way Too Far

Would prob still eat this stuff, I just wouldn't happy about it.

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1. This giant mozzarella stick.

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OK THAT IS STRING CHEESE AND CHEETO DUST. Why do bad things happen to good foods.

2. This 7-up "salad."

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Not a salad at all! Also the use of mayo has left me numb.

3. These wine and cheese shots:

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HORRIFIC. Legit have goosebumps.

4. Mug Nachos.

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Why did the mug need to get involved with this. What did the mug ever do to nachos? Justice for the mug.

5. This low-carb bacon, egg, cheese and avocado sandwich.

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This had so much potential but eggs are not meant to be buns!! HOW CAN U HOLD A GREASY EGG LIKE A SANDWICH? I refuse to accept that you can. If they just used a fork and knife the world would be a better place.

6. These grilled cheese martinis:

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What happened to good ol' whiskey on the rocks?

7. This Cereal Cake.

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Honestly, this would be 1000% great if they didn't call it a cake. That's not a cake! That's just rice crispy treats in the shape of a cake. A cake is its own separate genus!

8. These chocolate pickles.

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I admit, I'm biased because I don't like pickles, but also this is objectively wrong.

9. This cheese covered hamburger:

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I love cheese! I really do!!! I even love hamburgers. But this is too much. How can you even lift it, you'll get your hands all cheesy!! I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's just too much cheese. Much too much cheese.

10. This pickle egg roll concoction:

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I already admitted my disdain for pickles, so maybe I'm incorrect here but... this seems wrong in many ways.

11. These pickle sliders:

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You can't just slap some ingredients in the middle of other ingredients and call it a slider!!! That's not how it works!! This is just a pickle and meat tower. Also I don't like it.

12. These pickle cupcakes.

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This is the last pickle thing I swear. But, I think we can all agree this is inhumane!!!

13. This cotton Candy Burrito:

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Sorry for being a stickler, but this is NOT A BURRITO!!!!!! It's just ice cream surrounded by cotton candy. The use of burrito here is offensive to actual burritos.

14. This frozen peanut butter slice:

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I wish I was never born!!

15. This "Chicken a La Croix."

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A can of La Croix does not deserve to be shoved up a chicken's butt, and a chicken does not deserve a can of La Croix shoved up their butt. I feel bad for both.

16. These flamin' hot cheetos shots:

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Just seems like a very bad idea.

17. And finally, this twig cake:

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I love cake! But I don't like eating twigs and herbs on my cake. I'm so confused by this.

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