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15 Tweets About Watching "Friends" For The First Time That Are Really Freaking Relatable

If you don't hear me clap during the theme song, it means I'm dead.

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It's been nearly 24 years since Friends first premiered, and on New Year's Eve Netflix finally released all 10 seasons for streaming in the UK.

The One with the Show Everyone's Been Asking Us to Add.

1. For many, this is their first time watching the legendary sitcom and their reactions are priceless.

So first things first... my god the hair

2. As someone who's watched all 10 seasons more times than I care to mention, reading everyone's first impressions of the characters is truly hilarious.

Watching Friends for the first time ever. Like Chandler and Rachel, Hate Ross, Joey creeps me out, Phoebe's fun in…

3. It may have taken over 20 years, but some characters are finally getting the appreciation they deserve.

no offence but Monica Geller deserves Rachel Green level appreciation and attention.


4. While other characters, *cough* Ross *cough* are still pissing people off.

Watching through Friends for the first time. Ross is a monster. What is Rachel seeing in him

5. I mean people really, really don't like Ross.

I'm watching Friends all the way through for the first time and Ross is an absolute ass. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE HIM?

6. And no matter what country you're watching from, I think we can all agree the Ross and Rachel on-again off-again story lines get old real fast.

I'm watching friends for the first time and for fucks sake can we just end the Ross/Rachel thing either way? Even w…

7. Of course the iconic outfits were discussed.

watching #friends properly for the first time.....I just want all the outfits minus the awful shoes


8. Thought it didn't take long for people to start picking up on how cold the set must have been.

Watching Friends on Netflix and it’s basically just nipples

9. And people were quick to point out some of the more unrealistic parts of the sitcom.

There’s an episode of Friends where a group of 26 year olds are shocked that they drank 5 bottles of wine between 7…

10. Netflix may allow you to skip the intro, but true fans know the theme song claps are an essential part of the viewing experience.

Why, when I’m watching Friends, does Netflix ask if I’d like to ‘Skip the intro’? Erm, no I want to sing along and…

11. Seriously if you don't clap, don't watch the show.

If you don’t drop everything to do the 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 in the friends theme song why even bother watching it ?


12. And people are starting to realize why this show was so iconic in the first place.

I've been binge watching Friends and am still convinced that there will never be a better sitcom produced in my lifetime

13. Imagine the luxury of watching all ten seasons in a row and not having to wait six months to find out what happened with Ross and Rachel.

I can’t stop binge watching friends. I just can’t stop.

14. I'm so excited for all of you UK viewers watching for the first time. Treasure it.

i have the oddest feeling that everyone in the UK is just binge watching friends

15. But don't worry, once you finish it, you'll get the joy of rewatching it all over again.

New year, same episodes of Friends I keep rewatching