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    Posted on 10 Jan 2018

    11 Indian Actors Who Did Commercials In Their Pre-Fame Days

    Started from the bottom, now we're here.

    1. Shahid Kapoor for Pepsi.

    We all know that Shahid Kapoor was a Complan boy, but did you know that he starred in a Pepsi commercial with SRK, Kajol, and Rani way back in the 90's?

    2. Deepika Padukone for Close-Up.

    Before making her big debut in Om Shanti Om, Deepika Padukone can be seen dancing to the tunes of "Kya Aap Close Up Karte Hain?", and flashing her million dollar smile.

    3. Shahrukh Khan for Liberty Shoes.

    Known as the "King of Bollywood", Shahrukh Khan started his acting career with a commercial for Liberty Shoes in 1989.

    4. Vidya Balan for Surf Excel.

    Can you believe this is the same Vidya Balan, who played bold roles in movies like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, donning the role of a mother in this Surf Excel ad?

    5. Salman Khan for Campa Cola.

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    Salman Khan first faced the camera when he was 15 in a Campa Cola ad. He can be seen chilling in a yacht with other popular models of that time.

    6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for Pepsi.

    In her modelling days, before being crowned Miss India, Aishwarya Rai appeared in a Pepsi ad featuring Aamir Khan. She was stunning back then, she is stunning now.

    7. Akshay Kumar for Red and White.

    While Akshay Kumar may be a health freak now, way back he did a print ad for Red and White cigarettes.

    8. Preity Zinta for Cadbury Perk.

    The bubbly girl did a small appearance in a Cadbury ad where she takes the last bite from a chocolate sabotaging her hunger strike. Ah, times when Perk was much tastier.

    9. Saif Ali Khan for Glamour Rooms.

    Feast your eyes on this print ad of Nawab of Pataudi!

    10. Katrina Kaif for Fevicol.

    This lovely lady made an appearance in this funny Fevicol ad. Can you recognise her?

    11. Priyanka Chopra for Vatika.

    This amazing woman, who is truly a global star now, did an oil commercial just after winning the Miss World crown.

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