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    Margot Robbie's Husband Basically Showed His Private Parts To Our Former President

    "Tom's now got a towel over his crotch, trying to be modest."

    I, Tonya star Margot Robbie recently dropped by The Ellen Show to reveal the embarrassing way she met the host and it was interesting to say the least.

    It all started when Margot and her husband, assistant director Tom Ackerley, were enjoying their honeymoon on a secluded resort in Tahiti.

    One day during their trip, it began raining. So, they decided to head to the gym. Tom decided to wear his oldest and tiniest gym shorts.

    But Tom didn't really seem to care that much. I mean, they were in a secluded area, right?

    But boy, was he WRONG!

    And the surprise gymgoers didn't stop there. BARACK OBAMA WAS THERE TOO!!!!!

    After the introductions, it's not like they could slip away. Now, they had to stay and work out.

    Literally nobody's eyes were safe!

    And just when Margot thought they were safe, because the fitness class was coming to an end, this happened:

    It seems like everyone is able to laugh about the situation now. And Ellen even gave the Golden Globe–nominated Robbie a parting gift to ensure that NEVER happens again.

    To listen to the entire hilarious story, watch the full video below.

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