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This "Yes Or No" Quiz Will Reveal If You're Under 5 Foot 7 Or Not

It can only go one way or the other.

  1. Have you ever experienced this?

    Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed
  2. When you were younger, did people assume you were much older than you were?

  3. Do you automatically go to the back when there's a group photo?

  4. Have you ever instinctively bent your knees in order to fit in a photo?

  5. Has anyone ever asked if you play basketball (or recommended you should)?

  6. Have you ever banged your head on a ceiling?

  7. Has anyone ever used your head as an armrest?

  8. Have you ever worried about being too tall while wearing heels?

  9. Have you ever been mistaken for a child?

  10. Do you need assistance to reach something on the top shelf?

  11. Have you ever been called a giant?

  12. Are you the designated selfie taker in your group?

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