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    I Can't Stop Laughing At All Of One Direction Being Nominated For Best Solo Breakout

    "So I have to choose between One Direction and One Direction you mean..."

    The nominations for the iHeartRadio Music Awards were announced today, and I'm just gonna cut to the chase — this "Best Solo Breakout" category is a real humdinger, and for some reason I can't stop laughing!!!!

    Let's kick it off with our #BestSoloBreakout category! This is a tough one... who are you voting for? #iHeartAwards

    I just find it so hilariously funny???

    so i have to choose between one direction and one direction you mean

    Like, whyyyy are they doing this to us?!!!


    They could just form a band and make it easier on us... 🤦😩

    Can we...just end this friggin' hiatus already????

    1D HIATUS DAY 799 💕 IHeart #iHeartAwards #LiamPayne #NiallHoran #LouisTomlinson #HarryStyles

    Can Camila join the band???

    Camila Cabello is now officially part of 1D!

    (Or not? Lolololol. THE SHADE.)

    Basically One Direction with a knockoff Zayn competing against each other. . . . . . . #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy…

    Anyways, choose wisely!!!! Happy voting!!!

    Is there a way where I can vote for all of the boys and they win as 1d