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January 3, 2018

DJ Khaled Joins Weight Watchers

The music mogul is, of course, chronicling his new diet and weight loss for his millions of followers on social media as a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers.

Even When He Loses, Logan Paul Wins

The uproar over Paul’s “Suicide Forest” video highlights the way YouTube has become its own kind of lawless high school community, where being popular is the priority at any cost.

Trump Fundraiser Was Part Of Push To Privatize Espionage Operations to Evade The “Deep State”

Thomas Hicks Jr., a wealthy friend of the president’s son, discussed the plan in the “Tinfoil” room at Trump International Hotel, touted as safe from electronic surveillance. The radical intelligence plan, which also had the support of Iran-Contra veteran Oliver North, has not been implemented but was considered by the Trump White House and CIA.

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