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If You Do These 13 Things, You'll Definitely Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Tip #1: You still have time to get started.

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Recently, we asked the magical members of the BuzzFeed Community who actually manage to keep their New Year's resolutions how they do it. Here are their best tips and tricks...

1. Good news! You don't actually have to start your resolutions on the first day of the year. In fact, it's better if you don't.

"Don't start on 1 January! In fact, I would suggest either starting a few weeks before the holidays (to give yourself some rebound time in case you falter), or start mid-to-late January. If you start on the first, you're not really starting in your regular routine, which definitely increases your chances of failure. Wait until you get into your daily rhythm again, and then try to integrate your resolution into your life to make it a habit. We really are creatures of habit, so try not to beat yourself up in the process for faltering here and there!" – Shannon Baird, Facebook

2. But when you DO start working on your resolutions, make sure the items on your list are positive rather than negative.

"It's more fun and motivating to make a list of things you want to do rather than what you want to quit, lose, or reduce. I wrote things like seeing a play, going to a football match, hiking up Snowdon, running in a 5K, and baking a savoury pie from scratch. The results usually mean you end up being happier and healthier anyway – I lost 14 lbs because I wanted to do a 5K, and that meant I had to train. You won't feel overwhelmed, and you'll be excited to do all these new things." – Beth Kennedy

3. Instead of throwing yourself in at the deep end, set smaller, more attainable goals.

"I wanted to read more in 2017, so I set the goal of reading at least a couple of pages a night before bed. Goals are more easily accomplished if you can work it into your daily routine and work at them a little bit every day." – taylorraec

4. Write down your resolutions, and stick them in a place you know you'll see them. (You can even make it pretty!)

"I got a huge stack of those little Post-It cubes and turned the back of my bedroom door into goal-crusher HQ. I took all of my goals, broke them into manageable pieces, and put them in a column on the left side. As I started on the goal, I would move the sticky note to the 'in progress' column in the middle, and then when I completed it, would move it to the 'done' column on the right. I didn't get everything done, but it helped me visualise my progress, and for days when I felt like I had accomplished nothing, it helped me see all the things I had done." – Samantha Ryan, Facebook

5. If it's necessary, treat yourself to some shiny new things that'll help keep you on track.

"My resolution was to write things down on paper (appointments, ideas, tasks, etc.) so my brain feels less crowded. I bought a really pretty agenda and some nice coloured pens with a cute little bag. It's a bit cheesy, but I was proud and happy every time I used them, so it made me keep my resolution. Now it's a habit!" – Noémie Ouellette, Facebook

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6. Don't worry about what other people think. Sometimes staying within your comfort zone is a good thing.

"My goal for last year was to get back into reading. I started with a book a month then a book a week. What kept me going was finding books I really enjoyed reading instead of reading books that I thought made me look cool, trendy, or smart. I obviously read books out of my comfort zone, but I was also happy reading fluff books that you're 'supposed' to feel guilty about liking." – Stella Smith, Facebook

7. Tell someone – like a friend, family member, or even social media – about your resolution so they can hold you accountable.

"I asked one of my best friends to help me stay on track (meaning to literally yell at me when i messed up). She motivated me, kept me accountable, and reminded me everyday to stay strong." – annakd

"Meeting my friend every morning at 5am to work out has helped over the last couple weeks. Yes, I started early!" – saraic2

8. Or try downloading an app that helps with your specific goal, whether it's getting healthier, reading more, or drinking more water.

"I love reading but I had been slacking way too much. I found this app called Bookout and it helped me reach my goal of 30 books this year! You can see how many pages per minute you're reading and how long it'll take you to finish reading at that rate." – marialey

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9. When you're feeling unmotivated, look back at your progress throughout the year and appreciate how far you've come.

"Mine was to get into better shape, so I signed up for Disney’s Dopey Challenge in February and made a detailed workout schedule that I put on a wall of my room I walk by several times a day. It just started as running, but now I swim, run, and lift weights several times a week. I’ve lost over 15 pounds and I’ll be running 48.6 miles over the next few days. It was a struggle to keep to the schedule but I look back now at all the hard work and I’m more proud of the fact that I stuck with it than I am of my weight loss." – sarahnoelle382

10. When you hit a milestone, treat yourself to a mini reward.

"It works for my kids, why not try it as an adult? It can be as simple of a reward as some me time, eating some chocolate cake, or watching a movie I want to watch, or it could be something big like splurging on new shoes or a handbag." – stephaniev23

11. Don't beat yourself up if you don't immediately succeed.

"I think the hardest challenge is to be kind to yourself when you falter. I had to learn that progress isn't always straight forward, it's a few steps forward and then a few back, followed by more steps forward. And then, when you finally reach your goal, you may find yourself pushing even more forward." – Catherine Frederick, Facebook

12. Allow yourself to move goalposts if your situation or priorities change.

"My goal was to feel healthy again, but I quickly became obsessed with the gym, and not in a good way. Like, no rest days, multiple daily workouts, no pain no gain obsessed. I realised that wasn't healthy for me, so I went in a different direction. Starting with a broad goal and then aiming to refine it to a few specific goals was probably the best thing that I did because my understanding of what healthy meant changed over the course of the year. Be forgiving to yourself. One pathway may not work for you; don't be afraid or ashamed to find a new one." – ckaysanders

13. And remember, the new year isn't the only time you can make resolutions!

"New Year's resolutions don't work for me because they're so over-hyped and I get burned out hearing about them before Christmas. I do a birthday resolution instead. I decide what I want to accomplish that year, and that way I can ask for gifts to help with my goal or start actually doing it on my birthday. It's so much easier when there's no pressure. So far, I'm happy with the goals I've reached." – bryarsmommy13

Note: Submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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