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    Posted on Jan 3, 2018

    We Tried The Size-Inclusive Line By Tracee Ellis Ross And Fell In Love

    The perfect clothing line for demanding respect on the street and in the boardroom.

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    In this time of ever-growing body positivity and self-love, it feels like more fashionistas from Lauren Conrad to Zendaya are launching size-inclusive clothing lines.

    Macey J. Foronda

    This is one of the looks from LC's latest line.

    Watch these ladies try out looks from Tracee Ellis Ross's new clothing line!

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    BuzzFeedBoldly / Via

    Now, the fan favorite Blackish matriarch is getting in on the action with her Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney clothing line!

    Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney / Via

    Briana said it best: "She's always dressed really well. I love how she can go from casual cool mom to businesswoman, and does it seamlessly."

    Jazzmyne absolutely loved the first piece because she said that, as a plus-size woman, people always tell you to avoid baggy clothes, but this was a look!


    Add full makeup and a beret and Jazz would be avant-garde AF!

    Briana opted for the sequined top because she thought it would be a better fit. It's also a very Tracee Ellis Ross type of outfit, don't you think?


    Briana's outfit says "I'm here to party but I can get really businesslike on you, too." Perfect.

    Meanwhile, Sheridan and Shanique took comfort to another level when they tried on these super-cute and comfy polka-dot pajamas.


    "Oh yes, I am glamorous. I go to sleep with my life put together. Who cares if I had cereal for dinner?"

    Kuwilileni and Freddie immediately gravitated toward a sparkly dress that was totally giving them disco vibes.


    Even though they have different body types, the shimmery dress looked great on both of them, and they were able to easily make it their own by adding an accessory or two.

    Next up, Jazz and Briana said yes to the dress with a form-fitting, red-hot number that felt fun and was something Briana said she wouldn't typically wear.


    "We need to get over that it's tight to our bodies. If it's there, you're meant to see it." Yaaass!

    Then came the prints! Shanique and Sheridan tried on this colorful "power" dress that you can rock at work or throw on some sandals and make it super casual.


    The ladies thought it was a very versatile and fluid piece with a fun pattern. Agreed!

    Last, but most definitely not least, Kuwilileni and Freddie tried on this badass low-plunging black power suit, and it was everything!


    I mean, just look at them. The shoulder pads were on point (no pun intended).

    Kuwilileni loved that she could wear the suit without a tank top underneath.


    "I feel like I'm still giving off "don't fuck with me in the boardroom, don't interrupt me in the boardroom," but I also look sexy."

    As you can see, the ladies truly loved Tracee Ellis Ross's new size-inclusive clothing line!

    Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney / Via

    Not only did they like the way the clothing fit, but it made them feel confident and powerful, too. Win-win!