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January 14, 2018

35 Weirdly Attractive Disney Characters You Totally Crushed On As A Kid

Hands up if you forgot what a total catch Robin Hood was.

28 Of The Best Bisexual Characters On Television

"I mean, it's called LGBTQ for a reason."

"Milkshake Duck" Is The Macquarie Dictionary's Word Of The Year

So glad "milkshake duck" has finally been recognised as the great phrase it is! *five seconds later*



What Men's Fashion Trends Do You Really Not Like?

Too deep v-necks, cargo shorts, MC Hammer pants?

Who Is Your Celebrity Twin?

This is 100% accurate.

If Hawaii's Alert Had Been Real, Could The US Have Blocked A Missile Attack?

Despite assurances from the Pentagon, Hawaii remains more vulnerable to an attack by North Korea than anywhere else in the United States.

"ER" Is Now Streaming On Hulu And People Are Freaking Out

"Dear Boss, I would like to submit my resignation as I will be watching ER for the next several months."

Trump’s “Shithole” Comment Has Set Off An Angry, Awkward Martin Luther King Weekend

“It’s just a bad day for all of this,” said one person who attended Friday’s event at the White House. Over the weekend, it even looked like Dr. Ben Carson might no longer speak at the King Center’s annual event. (He will.)

21 Times John Boyega Was The Cutest Human Being In The Entire Galaxy

Every time he steps on the red carpet we SWOON.

38 People Who Are Totally Nailing This Whole Marriage Thing

“Marriage is an ongoing tennis match between ‘I love you so much’ and ‘nobody would find your body; my plan is well thought out.”

Aux législatives, le Front national a investi des candidats sulfureux en connaissance de cause

Des documents internes du FN que nous avons pu consulter montrent que le parti de Marine Le Pen a investi des candidats extrémistes aux élections législatives en toute connaissance de leurs propos polémiques.

21 Tweets About Marriage That Have Nothing In Common Except For Being Painfully Accurate

"Until death do us part, or until I murder you for being an idiot." —My wedding vows, probably.

People Are Mad At Emily Ratajkowski For An "Insulting" Caption On This Photo

"As a woman who lost all her hair due to cancer, I find this caption incredibly insulting."

Who Is Your "Riverdale" Girlfriend?

One of them is definitely your type.

If You Get 7/9 On This Analogy Test You Are Very Clever Indeed

BuzzFeed is to quiz as Starbucks is to coffee.

Can You Guess The Movie From A Single Screenshot Of Helen Bonham Carter?

At least 40% of these will probably be a Tim Burton film.

19 Must-See Funny Tweets By Women This Week

"I ask my toddler what's in the box she's holding. "Chaos!" she replies. "Chaos! Chaos!" I know she's trying to say "crayons," but it's not like she's wrong."

«Dégrader l'image de Macron, quitte à perdre en crédibilité»: la note de Damien Philippot pour Marine Le Pen avant le débat

BuzzFeed publie deux notes préparées pour Marine Le Pen quelques heures avant le débat de l'entre-deux-tours. La première, de Damien Philippot, lui conseille d'attaquer Macron par tous les moyens «quitte à perdre en crédibilité». La deuxième lui suggère d'évoquer un fake news sur le «compte offshore» de Macron.

Selena Gomez's Mom Was Asked About Justin Bieber And She Did Not Hold Back

She says she hasn't spoken to Bieber "in years."

BuzzFeed News publie une série d'enquêtes sur le FN après avoir obtenu des documents confidentiels

BuzzFeed News a obtenu et authentifié des documents de travail confidentiels utilisés par les équipes de Marine Le Pen pendant l'élection présidentielle. Ils mettent en lumière l'amateurisme du Front national et sa volonté de manipuler l'opinion.

19 Things Even Healthy People Do That Are Actually Bad For You

It's time to start living your best life.

Are You The Responsible Sister Or The Cool Sister?

Your sister might disagree with the results.

Are Your Book Opinions Trash, Or Nah?

Let's see if you're on the same *page* as everyone else.

17 Tweets From This Week That Are Too Fuckin' Funny

"I posted my bro on my snapchat and this girl said, 'lol i used to talk to him u ain't special.'"

Trans People Answer The Questions You Only Ask Google

Real people answering questions you've asked Google about the trans experience.

This Mega Quiz List Will Help You Plan Your Wedding

Take any or all of these quizzes and we'll tell you what your special day will be like.

Are Your Spending And Saving Habits The Same As Everyone Else's?

Tell us about your habits, goals, and budget — or lack thereof.

A Passenger Plane Slid Off The Runway And The Pictures Are Unbelievable

None of the 162 passengers or six crew members on board the Pegasus Airlines plane were injured.



Which "South Park" Character Are You Most Like?

Are you Kenny, Stan, Eric, or Kyle?

Emily Thornberry Just Branded Donald Trump A Dangerous Racist

"He is an asteroid of awfulness that has fallen on this world. I think that he is a danger and I think that he is a racist."

15 Times Millie Bobby Brown Fangirled Over Other Celebs On Social Media

"Literally fangirling and freaking out right now..."

23 Jokes Only Dancers Are Allowed To Laugh At

Are you even a dancer if you don't own 8,4736,347 bobby pins?

Kalki Koechlin Speaks Out On How Commonplace Sexual Harassment And Discrimination Are In Bollywood

“Phone calls at two in the morning from your casting director – things like that which no one is researching or reporting.”

16 cosas muy raras que la gente creía antes, te lo juro

Las brujas solían robar los penes de los hombres y se los quedaban como mascotas, por lo visto.

Only Australians Can Get 10/12 On This Difficult Movie Quotes Quiz

How well do you actually know Aussie movies?







振袖「はれのひ」問題 成人式だけではなく卒業式にも影響


24 Tweets And Tumblr Posts That Nail "The End Of The F***ing World"

Or, how one eight-episode Netflix show ruined us all. Warning: contains spoilers.

10 Destinations That Will Be Huge In 2018, According To Google

Book your trip...before everyone else does.

This Is What My Family And I Did In Hawaii When We Thought We Were Under Attack

What would you do if you thought you had 15 minutes to live?

25 Tweets That'll Make You Cackle If You've Ever Online Shopped

"I pray for a future where there is complete equality across the globe, also free shipping."

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