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19 Things Even Healthy People Do That Are Actually Bad For You

It's time to start living your best life.

1. Being on your phone at all times and taking your phone into bed with you.

2. Following people on social media that only make you upset and/or angry.

3. Holding on to material objects that don't add something positive to your life.

4. Ignoring your body and refusing to make doctor appointments.

5. Relying on social media and other people to affirm your self-worth.

6. And constantly comparing yourself to others.

7. Spending all your downtime binge-watching shows.

8. Maxing out your credit cards and not saving anything per paycheck.

9. Being late for pretty much everything.

10. Ordering takeout and never grocery shopping or cooking your own food.

11. Holding on to grudges and living in the past.

12. Keeping a messy living space.

13. Thinking of mental health issues as embarrassing or a sign of weakness.

14. Keeping a billion emails in your inbox at a time, and not routinely cleaning it out.

15. Only getting in touch with loved ones when you need something from them.

16. Avoiding confrontation at all costs.

17. Taking out your anger and frustration on your loved ones just because they're an easy outlet.

18. Feeling like you need to say yes to everything in order to make people happy.

19. And last but not least, thinking that you need a picture-perfect life and relationship, without any hardships, flaws, or setbacks, in order to be doing things ~right~.

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