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    Posted on Jan 14, 2018

    "ER" Is Now Streaming On Hulu And People Are Freaking Out

    "Dear Boss, I would like to submit my resignation as I will be watching ER for the next several months."

    You remember ER, right? The show that gave us George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, and the greatest TV love story of all time.

    John Wells

    There were too many talented amazing people on that show to count, but holy crap do I remember Dr. Doug Ross and RN Carol Hathaway holding my heart in their hands.

    This morning, BuzzFeed's own Kate Aurthur tweeted the life-altering news that all 15 seasons of ER low key started streaming at 9am Sunday morning.

    Ahead of #TCA18, @hulu announces that all 15 seasons of #ER will begin streaming right now (9 am PT). The show has…

    I'm sorry, I'm gonna read that again and let the feels flow for a moment.

    John Wells

    People cannot contain themselves.

    “Dear Boss, It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation. Please see the attached press release for more…

    John Wells
    John Wells

    There honestly should be some kind of established leave for this.

    Folks are (rightfully) making the holiday weekend a 3-day binge.

    When @Hulu begins streaming every episode of #LivingSingle and #ER, and giving you every reason to stay your ass in…

    John Wells

    They wasted NO time.

    Within 3 minutes of discovering ER is on Hulu, I am watching the pilot. I missed this show so freaking much.

    John Wells

    Almost no one could resist the smolder.

    Watching #ER on @hulu with the husband, and I quote from John Michael, “Come on #GeorgeClooney, go look at her and…

    John Wells

    I know. I know. OMG is right Noah Wiley.

    John Wells

    See you next Christmas.

    Alllll of "ER" - that's all 15 seasons, folks - is finally on Hulu. See you in a few months, I'm goin' underground.


    Dreams are coming true.


    K, bye, gonna go watch ER. (And probably use all my vacation days doing it.)

    John Wells

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