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    Posted on Jan 14, 2018

    "Game Of Thrones" Fans Asked Maisie Williams To Add Them To Arya's Kill List And I'm Confused


    Maisie Williams. You probably know her as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    Well, over the weekend, Maisie appeared on The Graham Norton Show and revealed that when her fans encounter her on the street they ask her to do something "a little odd."

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    She explained, "So, my character on the show, she has a list of people she wants to kill. Um, and it's dark."


    "They're all justified. She has a list and she recites the names and — she's been through a lot of trauma, [there's] a bit of a backstory — and it's what keeps her going and it's what keeps her fighting..."


    "So, a lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names, but then add their name."


    Add their name?? Have these people even seen the show?!

    Well, Graham Norton asked Maisie to rattle off a couple of the names she remembers...

    ...and, IDK if it's just me, but it's way scarier than when she does it in GoT because this time she's smiling.

    Anyway, as she was rounding off her list she threw in Tom Hanks' name — who happened to also be a guest on the show — and he had the proper reaction to being placed on Arya's list.

    LOL, Tom!

    And I thought Santa's naughty list was bad.

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